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Change the national anthem of the United Kingdom to 'World In Motion' by New Order

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With the looming General election called on the 18th of April, once again parties everywhere are going to campaign around a plethora of issues, and once again, parties everywhere will miss the issue that is most pressing to citizens of the United Kingdom. The national anthem.

Let's be honest, God Save the Queen is old, boring, and stale. Not to mention that everyone will be forced to learn a whole new song when old queeny kicks the bucket! I suggest instead, the UK needs a song that can speak to everyone of its citizens, and those around the world. There is only one song ever composed that I believe has this power, 'World in Motion' by New Order. Not only is it an absolute banger, it produces even the most pessimistic people to crack a smile.

On top of this change, the national curriculum should then be updated, to make sure that by the age of 6, every child knows every word to John Barnes rap in the song.


Friends, Britons and countrymen... I have a dream. A dream that involves Peter Hooks fantastic bass-line and Gillian Gilbert's synthesiser blasting out to every man, woman and child around the country. Make this dream come true.

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