Teenage mental health awareness

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Teenage mental health has significantly increased by almost 70% and consequently, things like self harm are also on the rise. I would like the government to start encouraging schools, parents/careers to help them spot early signs of mental health issues, whether it may be anxiety, depression or a panic disorder. I think it's vital that early stages are noticed because it helps to prevent further complications and even possible suicide. Many teenagers are deemed as 'not ill enough' so they don't receive help - but what is 'ill enough?'. Being told things like this can infer that one's feelings don't matter or that they're just not good enough, so neither do their feelings, and this is also a common error doctors, schools, hospital etc are failing to recognise. Please help me to spread the word of making teenage mental health, and that no one is alone, no matter how they may feel and even you could stop the signs of a friend/family member that may be struggling Xx