Stop legalised torture, sexual abuse and murder by uk government.

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There is no place in a civilised, humane society for legalised brutality.  The reasoning by the UK government to make law 'The Covert Human Intelligent Sources Bill', does not justify permission given to many authorities; the power to commit rape, torture and murder with zero accountability. No one should ever be granted permission to engage in, or have immunity from these heinous acts. This will cause more harm than good, to innocent people.

Please sign this petition, share on social media and encourage your friends and family to sign. Your future well-being and that of the people you love, depends on this. If we do not prevent this blatant disregard to human suffering, it will only get worse. Your Human Rights are rapidly being diminished; under the guise of something else.

Please research what the public and others are saying about the real consequences to society, by allowing this to become law.

Remember; just because something becomes law, does not make it right.

The callous indifference to the victims of abuse in the UK, is testament to the psychopathy of those making decisions, which causes lifelong damage to those unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end.

Please read.

by Preston Ni

I want to spare people from unnecessary suffering. Please join me in this endeavour and denounce the 'The Covert Human Intelligent Sources Bill.'

Thank you.