Save Bruce

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So unfortunately we find ourselves in the position to get a petition started against Griffin Pond Animal Shelter again. This story is about Bruce. He is a staff favorite dog who is about to be euthanized tomorrow at 4pm for biting a trainer. It was told by a couple of the staff there that all he did was bite the trainer’s pant leg. This is Not a reason to euthanize a dog when he has been in there for a month with no incident. Another trainer offered to give this dog an evaluation for free and another rescue offered to take him. They were both denied by Griffin Pond and the trainer was escorted off of the property. Then, Griffin Pond attempted to post that he was already adopted and it was a completely different dog. They since have taken it down because several people called them out on it. This dog was also evaluated by another trainer with no incident. The current board is still using their “reign of terror” to manipulate others and fear for their jobs. The current director also wants to implement a time limit on how long the dogs stay at Griffin Pond and has also euthanized several cats. The shelter has yet to show the public the “transparency” we were promised! We all need to take a stand to save these helpless animals. All we ask for is for them to be given a fair chance! Let’s save Bruce!