Jail time for Jaiwen Zhang

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Jaiwen Zhang was convicted of serious animal cruelty charges, which included, putting a kitten in the oven, pulling the kittens teeth out and cutting off the kittens claws. When Jaiwen Zhang was caught in the act by his housemate who arrived home to find Jaiwen Zhang trying to flush the kitten down the toilet, Jaiwen Zhang then threw the kitten out the window into some nearby bushes. 

He was sentenced to 6 months in jail with IMMEDIATE parole. 

For someone such as myself, who has fostered kittens and takes care of sick and injured animals, it breaks my heart to see that harsh punishment wasn’t given. A cats life if no less then a humans. The kitten was innocent, could have caused no harm to Jaiwen Zhang. 

I’m starting this petition because I want to see proper punishment given to Mr Jaiwen Zhang.