Help people get through the coronavirus pandemic

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How to get through the coronavirus pandemic:

People are using the term "social distancing" now and I think it makes people feel isolated. I prefer the term "Physical distance and social connection." I hope that people will start using this with their friends and associates. People are social creatures  who need regular social contact. If they don't have it they can become depressed. It is important for people to feel positive during the coronavirus pandemic. If people feel positive and hopeful, their immune systems will work better and they will be more likely not to get it or to shake it off more quickly. I think that there should be more emphasis on helping people think of ways to stay connected. People can talk online, and with free conference calls, facebook, skype, Zoom,  Microsoft Team, etc.

There should be more emphasis on doing kind things for other people during this time. People could do errands for people, bring them food, ask what help they need. They could focus on older people, people with disabilities and health problems. They could attend online religious services, and online meditations and other things that keep them feeling calm. They could learn more about things they can do to maintain good health.