Get Bolt to Verify Rider Profiles

Get Bolt to Verify Rider Profiles

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Over the years since ehailing started, there have been reports of incidents that happen on different ehailing platforms.

While a lot of the incidents involve clients or riders as the victims, many of them also involve drivers as victims and at the hands of riders.

Unlike when a client apparently gets raped or there is an alleged kidnapping of the client, incidents of drivers being the victims hardly get any sort of attention on social media and not enough is done to make the situation better for drivers, especially by Bolt.

Driver incidents involve either armed robbery, hijacking, murder or cell phones and money getting stolen. In many of the cases, grievous bodily harm is involved.

Also, it should be borne in mind that not only do the unfortunate drivers lose either their possessions or their lives, they also lose their ability to earn an income due to having lost either their lives, cash to work with or pay for the car, cell phones or IDs and/or drivers licences.

Due to the seriousness of these crimes on drivers we encourage Bolt to add facial recognition software to all its rider accounts and to have all accounts verified by either their Facebook profiles or card payments so that each and every rider is traceable.

While much attention is paid to rider incidents involving less heinous crimes, very little is paid to the serious crimes perpetrated on drivers. Over the years, many drivers have lost their lives on the hands of riders. On the other hand there is no known incident where a driver has ended the life of a client. Yet, emphasis is placed more on rider incidents and safety. Bear in mind that every driver who gets onto ehailing platforms needs to produce proof of a clean criminal record, while on the other hand riders can simply request with a sim card/phone number.

Please, Bolt, for the safety of drivers, make facial recognition, Facebook and card payment mandatory for all riders. At the least, let it not be possible for riders to be able to request with only their cell phone numbers because we all know that you can buy a RICA'ed SIM card from the street corner.



1,001 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!