Demand a formal investigation into Greek family organized crimes by KESOGLOU and BILAS !

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We the people call upon DOJ and the office of the inspectors General to investigate the history of crimes committed by these individuals and how they escaped the law for almost 40 years.


-Mrs Paraskevi-Voula (maiden name KESOGLOU) KOTATIS later Mrs KITRINOS along with 2 of her 5 children Antonios and Anna KOTATIS aka Anai Rhoads Ford and 3rd parties .

-Mr Goerge KITRINOS (deceased) Murdered in Chios Greece October 30th 1996.

Mr KITRINOS was recorded by German police stating that Mr Antonio KOTATIS, Telemahos KESOGLOU and his son Stratis entered the property and beat him during the night, police waited a week before investigating the reports., yet his retirement SS funds continue to flow through ATM machines into the pockets of his perpetrators until March 2000 when new law was passed and all US citizens living abroad could no longer receive direct deposits of their SSI Checks.

-Theodoros KESOGLOU (main culprit) along with his wife Kaliopis and later his children (John, Tom as well as Maria KESOGLOU GAVRILIS)

-Alex KESOGLOU and his daughter Ploumie KESOGLOU (deceased)

-More people linked in Chios Greece: Attorney Christos SPILLIOPOULOS advisor and attorney for Chios Mayor Manolis VERNOUS., including NOTARY DESPOINA MAISTRALI - CHANDRA who directed others on the island of Chios Greece to stonewall the victims of these heinous crimes including antisemitism to profit from the land snatching cover up crimes committed by previous dual citizen American-Greeks between this island and the United States., this is now known to prosecutors and the Attorney General in Athens Greece.

Anna and Sam BILAS; Couple from Chios Greece are complicit in the scandal since between the 1970s all the way till the death of Mr KOTATIS, Mrs Anna Bilas's name has come up hundreds of times when witnesses where asked about the matter, she was around during the first attack on Stavros KOTATIS by 7 masked men October 2010, while Stavros KOTATIS  laid in a coma for weeks Mrs Bilas did not report it to police but instead  snatched his ID including land and property deeds from his BROOKLYN home located at 748 60th St 11220 Brooklyn, Mrs BILAS had already lied with a Medical Examiner to prepare a false DOC claiming that Mr KOTATIS was never married and had no children (he had 5 in his second marriage), this was clear evidence showing how her husband Sam and others plotted to return to Greece and claim ancestry rights to all of their victims assets and properties, how ever Mr KOTATIS was found, taken to a hospital and after several more weeks he miraculously regained conscious and his memory.

Then during November and DECEMBER 2018 mr KOTATIS's was attacked at the Lutheran medical center in Brooklyn and taken straight to a morgue while his nurse was still waiting in the lobby for him, no ME examined him, the ME report was based on a doctor's assessment and he was not even present that day, South side homicide detectives where caught in recorded phone conversations claiming that once the ME concludes the cause of death there is no way to re open a investigation unless the victims family paid $7000 for a private ME, which i what mrs Bilas did to intentionally filing a COD  in a birth registry to cause delays incase any of his children asked for a copy, Greek citizens  reporting a relative's death to claim ancestral rights to assets and properties have 90 days, lot less time then looking for a badly registred COD,  mr KOTATIS's children recorded phone conversations asking MRS BILAS about the matter, knowing that  her victim's children barely spoke Greek she took advantage of claiming that her ENGLISH was not so good  yet she works for the DEPT of EDUCATION in New York!  here is the COD  Mrs BILAS and her husband are suspected of collusion,  racketing and 4 alleged murders caused by it, but read how they did it below!

There is a list of additional accessories, most have come forward as evidence of corruption, extortion and legal entrapment emerges.. 

Crimes: Conspiracy to murder, murder, stolen identity, fraud, bank fraud, Embezzlement, Grand larceny, body trafficking, kidnapping, Sexually assaulting minors, battery, torture, extortion, accessory before and after the fact linked to over four murders, bribing a federal agent, obstruction, defamation, covertly targeting victims and their children to falsify police reports while serving in the United States Navy, civilian police and then use the reports to extort and intimidate them from reaching Greece from fear they may discover or expose crimes committed against their father and grandparents which is defined as witness tampering.

The reason the children of the PERPETRATORS are mentioned is because after they became dependent on the racketing scheme their children agreed to help target the victim and his children since the late 1970s when they where minors..

The victims: Steve KOTATIS and 3 of his 5 children, John (Murdered) Gus (in Psychiatric care since age 17 du to battery) and Lakis (alive and currently in touch with law enforcement)., The parents of Mr Steve KOTATIS aka Cohen  (Ioanis KOTATIS and his wife Anna Baha (Hebrew name Hanna Baja sephardic Bajanous )., the crimes where not only committed against the victims mentioned but extended to contacts around them such as 3rd parties and their families as well.

The most recent offenses involve Fraud, collusion, stolen identity, obstruction, covertly harassing and trying to intimidate their victims to falsify police reports through he use of actors to conceal themselves, the group mentioned here including 3rd parties they would bribe all have not seen their victims since the mid 1980s and when discovered they filed false allegations with CPS to use their victims children and family courts to conceal the defamation and protect themeless from arrests and prosecution,

They also left a trail of crimes while fallowing their target around the world and are reported to of entered the countries and vandalizing properties of  people around the target to then contact them as relatives pretending to offer 4 times the amount of damages to involve them in false police reports and claim their target needs professional help., this is all linked to Ex US Navy Mr Antonios KOTATIS who was  P01 MP obstructing Military and Civilian laws during his service.

Examples of criminal History 1974 till present: Mr Theodoros  and Alex KESOGLOU are believed to be a LEBANESE Immigrants who where given false ID on the island of Chios Greece to assist Mrs Paraskevoula KESOGLOU KOTATIS and her lover Goerge KITRINOS (Greek Fugitive) in a plot to rob and murder her husband Mr Steve KOTATIS once they reached the United States in the mid 1970s, the couple Mr and Mrs KOTATIS are the parents of five children (John, Gus, Antonios, Lakis and Anna).

Mrs Paraskevoula KESOGLOU KOTATIS was originally sharing money with her teenage boyfriend Mr KITRINOS, Goerge who she had no idea was a fugitive complicit in a murder of his wife and un born child., as soon as mr KIRINOS entered the United States with promises to repay her he, Theodoros and Alex instead visited mr KOTATIS while opening his restaurant stands in Brooklyn New York and robbed him at gun point before taking off with his wife, 5 children and everything of value to later extort him of more money. monthes later, Mr KITRINOS not only eventually married Mrs Paraskevoula KESOGLOU KOTATIS in th state of Virginia, he also engaged in sexual relationship with Anna KOTATIS since the age of 5!

Embezzlement to Kidnapping: During mid 1977 after the murder plot and robbery went wrong in Brooklyn NY and the criminal trio decided to kidnap all five minors into the State of Pensilvania, they coerced the wife of mr Steve KOTATIS to invite him to yet a second attempt to extort and murder that failed, records show that mr KOTATIS was hospitalized for two broken ribs and hand.

Fraud and child abuse: Months later into 1978 Mrs Paraskevi-Voula KESOGLOU KOTATIS and Mr Goerge KITRINOS skipped states to Virginia again with three of the five children (Antonios, Lakis and Anna), the two got married i a Greek Embasey creating anew Identity for Mrs Paraskevi-Voula KESOGLOU KOTATIS aka KITRINOS, they later contacted mr Steve KOTATIS demanding money or he will not see his 15 year old Antonios KOTATIS alive again.,

Law enforcement then traced the group to Falls Church Virginia in 1979, the group panicked and Mr Theodoros KESOGLOU and Mrs Paraskevi-Voula (maiden name KESOGLOU) KITRINOS insisted that Mr Goerge KITRINOS murders 15 year old Antonios KOTATIS to convince Mr Steve KOTATIS and his second oldest 17 year old son Gus not to try locating them., Antonios managed to escape the battery with one ear def, how ever Gus KOTATIS was attacked and kidnapped after neighbors helped him locate mr KITRINOS who was hiding in a neighbors home, Gus's where bouts where not known until he regained conscious and reveled his identity at a Staten Island psychiatric center during 1980.

Police records indicate that Gus was beaten and run over by a vehicle in Falls church Virginia, witnesses described the drivers as Mr Goerge KITRINOS and Theodoros KESOGLOU who then dumped Gus's body on the road in Lancaster  Pensilvania before he was found and transferred to Staten Island Psychiatric center in New York.

In mid 1980  Mrs Paraskevoula (maiden name KESOGLOU) KOTATIS was interviewed by three different detectives, three different times, each interview was inconsistent, she pretended not to speak english,  then told translators she was a victim of abuse and had no choice but to lie but they had no choice but to arrest her with a one month prison sentence because she abandoned her children, refused to discuss where and they found out that the mr Goerge KITRINOS was a fugitive, that he murdered his ex wife with an un born child, he had bluffed Mrs Paraskevoula into believing he was dying and needed help to reunite with his son in Virginia and instead skipped bail to the USA to avoid a long term prison sentence., after she spent one month in jail she then fled the state of Virginia with her daughter ANNA to return to hiding again. 

Abandoning Children again: During December 1980 Mrs Paraskevoula (maiden name KESOGLOU) KOTATIS KITRINOS and Goerge KITRINOS took 12 year old 4th son Lakis to the home of his oldest son John in Brooklyn New york where she left him indefinitely while pretending to park her car, then hid in New Jersey with Theodoros KESOGLOU for a year before returning to the state of VIRGINIA.

The matter tied Mr Steve KOTATIS up for years trying to fight for his sons release from the notorious psychiatric center at South Beach Staten Island because on of the parents signed him off and no judge was able to reverse this or at least transfer him regardless of the fact that the institute was caught kidnapping children and carrying out Pharma tests.

While mr Steve KOTATIS had two of his other sons in New York Antonios and Lakis), Antonios started showing signs of serious psychological problems, he was abusive and attacks his own father multiple times striking him in the face, Mr KOTATIS introduced Antonios to a friend from the US Navy who convinced him to join, Antonio later became a P01 officer but was only visited his father and other brothers once since 1980.

Between the mid 1980s and early 1990s the ring continued to covertly target the reputations of John and Lakis KOTATIS; It was later discovered that Antonios reunited with his mother in Virginia seeking revenge against Mr KITRINOS for abusing him in the past, however  because of the millions of dollars involved he became part of the ring,  taking advantage of working for the US Navy Antonios KOTATIS committed multiple crimes under the military codes ranging from obstruction to assisting in framing his own father and two other brothers with falsified police reports including turning 3 parties around them against their victims using female actors to extort them or offering money.

Mr Antonios KOTATIS along with Theodoros KESOGLOU used female actors such as the younger sister Anna KOTATIS aka Anai Rhoads Ford, Ploumie KESOGLOU (daughter of Alex) and Maria KESOGLOU daughter of Theodoros KESOGLOU., together they defamed the older brother John KOTATIS, by the time he found out who filed false allegations against him with CPS, IRS and defamed him to his wife they had already costed him his company, single family home,  marriage and custody of two children while fighting the allegations in family courts.Evidence of forgery, fraud explaining the targeting of their original victims’s children in line of succession; During these events Antonios KOTATIS’s name appeared on forged POA contracts (to properties and Assets in Greece) using stolen identity of his victims from the falsified police complaints to illegally fraudulently capture properties in Greece belonging to his father and paternal grandparents, it was later discovered that he also colluded with notaries and the tribunal the wills of his paternal grandparents where never published and his mother Mr KITRINOS did not register her second marriage in 1978 until 1995 to illegally control of her ex husbands assets, properties and many acres of gum tree land he inherited from his jewish mother Anna Baha Kotatis ( Hebrew Hanna "Bajar or Bajanous" Cohen) from Salamanca Spain and skimming of rent money in  bank accounts belonging to  her adult children such as Mr.Stavros KOTATIS.

Example of bank admitting FRAUD took place:

So while targeting Mr. John KOTATIS with his own ex wife, in laws and children they also targeted the reputation of the 4th son Lakis who they had no idea a citizenship judge had advised him to change his name at age 18 (since he is an artists) but he was not told the details of the matter such as the kidnapping and that his mother had abandoned him.

There is a list of people (who most) admitted to of been deceived or bribed to pretend they where such as relatives of Laki's ex girlfriends Leslie Ann Seligson now Russel who pretended she was raped by a Herb NUEMAN (deceased) to manipulate Lakis during th mid 1980s while a teenager, the list goes on.

The group would vandalize properties of 3rd parties around their targets then use female actors such as Anna KOTATIS posing as Anai Rhoads or others posing as her to contact the 3rd parties and get them to help falsify police reports, they would tell the 3rd party that their target was a relative and his family is offering money to anyone who can assist in getting him professional help., these are criminal plots linked to succession and serious obstruction is involved here as the main actors behind the schemes are not just Mr KESOGLOU, Theodore but Antonios KOTATIS who was confirmed by NCIS to of been a P01 officer at the time, it is very questionable if the son in law of mr KESOGLOU a Mr Mike GAVRILIS was also involved or shared police information with the group as he also served in the US navy and civilian police.

During 1990 Lakis visited the Greek Embasey in New York and was interrogated about his mother, Mrs Paraskevoula KESOGLOU KOTATIS aka Mrs KITRINOS who they later caught lying on the phone from Virginia.

The Greek Embasey in NY then uncovered evidence showing Lakis mother Mrs Paraskevoula KESOGLOU got married in march 1978, only 4 months after deserting her family in 1977, Then abandoned Lakis in 1980, a US Citizenship Judge suggested he changed his name it was arranged for a new passport in his Greek name to visit Greece and unit with his family.

How ever, In 1996 the criminal cabal panicked and tried Mr THEODOOS KESOGLOU tried bribing the Greek Embassy to prevent Lakis from reaching Greece from fear his presence alone would expose him, but Lakis visited Chios Greece with a MR.John WATSON and reunited with his maternal grandmother Mr Ploumie KESOGLOU and  for the first time since age 7 and Mr WATSON filmed the whole trip and captured th moment they found his grandmother on the beach she used to take him too., and also her saying that his crooked Step father Mr KITRINOS was staying in a beach home that belongs to his father and his children since 1994 and no one speaks to him!

After the grandmother realized a scandal took place she contacted her granddaughter Anna KOTATIS aka Anai RHOADS in Virginia USA to see what she had to say., she told Anna Lakis was seen in NY and he is alive, Anna then claimed that the reason she was told he was dead was to protect her because she is frail and old, she also claimed to of just seen Lakis that morning to bring him cigarettes in a Virginia prison., while he was standing in front of her and a none smoker the grad mother Mrs Ploumie KESOGLOU immediately  runs to the town hall to register Lakis ID card  Thomas KOTATIS to the property located at 40 Patrikiou str Frourio 82100 Chios Greece, insisting sh was been scammed by THEODOROS KESOGLOU who is not hr son!

Mr KITRINOS then re asserted that it was the trio (Paraskevoula, Theodoros and Alex) who did all this and defamed him too after he returned to Chios Greece so no on trusted or believed him, Mr Ploumie KESOGLOU insisted that Alex and Theodoros are not her sons or Laki's uncles, she provided photos showing 3 children, two sons (Nicos and Telemahos) and his mother Mrs Paraskevi-Voula KESOGLOU age 3, the photos where taken while her late husband their grandfather served for the British Air Force at LOD airport now Israel., she stated that they left the British air-force and the region in 1945 because the war was over.

Before Lakis and his friend John WATSON went to Berlin Germany they waited to obtain a Greek ID in the name Thomas KOTATIS including a phone line as well.

Murder of Mr Goerge KITRINOS: The husband of Anna KOTATIS says it all:

Upon reaching Berlin Germany October 31st Mr KITRINOS called reporting that 3 masked men broke into his home and beaten him with pipes, he stated that thy had no idea a phone line was installed, he was sure it was the real uncle (Telemachus), the grandmother confirmed not to of seen Mr KITRINOS who was staying in her son in laws property across the street from her for a month,  German police assisted in contacting Chios police but thy refused to check on him, they even insisted there was no phone line, how would thy of known this i clear conspiracy, Mr KITRINOS called back reporting that h played dead when the men returned, they  unmasked themselves and he identified them as Telemahos KESOGLOU, his son Straties and Antonio KOTATIS who was on leave at the time from the US Navy in Bahrain. 

The grandmother of LAKIS Mrs KESOGLOU stated that police finally showed up and removed mr KITRINOS in a body bag during mid November 1996, ((( in 2012 an attorney Christos SPILLIOPOULOS))) fabricated a death certificate that states Mr KITRINOS passed away March 2000, Social Security reported to of passed a law requiring US citizens residing outside the United States to appear in person to pick up their retirement checks, Mrs Paraskevi-Voula (maiden name KESOGLOU)  KOTATIS later Mrs KITRINOS was accessing her second husbands SS benefits in Virginia until this law as passed.

By 1999  the criminal ring tracked down the 4th child Lakis in New york where they bribed the owner of the TABAK real estate agency and Mortan TABAK was caught accepting a bribe to falsify a police report and illegally evict Lakis from his apartment, it was later discovered that several suspected NYPD officers in the 9th prescient and upper east side where involved in a intimidation scandal, over 143 tenants filed complaints and it was because mr TABAK and his attorney Mr SHACTMAN where seeking to sell the portfolio for  $100 million dollars., NYPD detectives un covered telephone conversations of Mr Mortan TABAK using intimidation tactics to coerce one of Laki’s  roomette into helping him not just illegally lock him out but get falsely arrested and if she did not co operate she would be kicked out!

Here is a recording of Mortan extorting a co tenant who was Laki's roomate, provided by NYPD detectives after arresting her for lying!, In this recording Mr Tabak demanded the roommate fallows up a false police report or he will evict her and abandoned his promise to give her Laki's apartment! , Mr TABAK was also involved in attempting to frame Lakis with a a grand larceny Scandal.

Here is more info to the Mess Mr THRODOROS KESOGLOU and is son Attorney Tom KESOGLOU was linked to mr TABAK etc , and 

Secret Service agents who met Lakis later informed him of what was going on and advised him to visit Chios Greece to inspect properties and land his father owned to assure no one compromised anything, he was also told that the same criminally insane group manipulated friends around him using female actors, close contacts such as such as Antonios JESUS HERNANDEZ  and Joseph FUSCO as well as Mr Mortan TABAK and his attorney Murray Shactman believed the information or took advantage of it adding to vandalism and other crimes to frame Lakis as they where offered elaborate funds or false insurance claims.

Murder of John KOTATIS: In 2001 the body of IOANIS aka John KOTATIS was found brutally beaten to death near key west Florida, the information was kept from his father and younger brother Lakis until 2017!, The perpetrators, John’ s own mother and two siblings Antonios and Anna defamed him badly causing him to live in a destitute state, witnesses who where catching unto the scandal described the perpetrators as committing crimes such as vandalism, then calling the victims of the crimes (friends neighbor or employers ) to bribe them by claiming that the family of John KOTATIS will offer x times the amount of damages in return for a police report alleging that he was suffering from a mental illness and needs professional help.

Targeting of Lakis continued into Europe but failed to stay concealed.

As soon as Lakis re entered Euro in 1999 a string of incidents started to take place as he fallowed by his own brother Mr. Antonios KOTATIS and contacts he knew in the US Navy , witnesses stated that people from the US Navy would ask about him claiming that it was in behalf of a concerned relatives asserting h had problems, problems they themselves where suspected of or to of been fabricating, some of them where even caught trying to convince neighbors to spy on him.

In 2003 Lakis was engaged in Spain but could not get attorneys in Chios Greece to provide th documents for the civil marriage or understand why, within 4 years and realizing he had not seen his mother  more then a few times since age 12 they suggested he reunites with her for documents outside Chios to not get the attention of anyone because of their Jewish identity.,

Between 2006-2009 The mother Mrs Paraskevi-Voula KESOGLOU visited twice but never came with any documents, Lakis in laws realizing his mother had deserted her marriage and children with another man before abandoning him as a minor did not tell him she put them in touch with the cabal as they assumed she had assimilated and was no longer a jew, but jewish law clearly does not recognize forge conversions, as soon as Lakis found out his mother was not even registered as a Greek Orthodox Christian his in laws revealed to of been colluding to defame him as well and never said a word to their daughter for ten years, the antisemitism was so bad a that police advised Lakis to go to Greece and get the evidence he needed to expose them because they had all colluded to do the exact same things they did to his older brother from her he was going to Greece and expose them.

Attempt of murder: During 2010 Mr Steve KOTATIS was found un conscious in his home after neighbors reported a horrible smell assuming he was dead, upon taking his body out thy realized he was in a coma, he later became conscience in the hospital and reported to of been beaten by 7 masked men identity like Goerge KITRINOS was by 3 masked men, only this time he was sure they where Spanish and Chinese., the doctor never reported this to police and instead had the home of M KOTATIS cleaned out, his passport was stolen along with photo copies of documents to properties, it was later discovered that the new building management which was Chinese had been talking to a Jannette LEE KESOGLOU the daughter in law of Mr. Theodoros KESOGLOU and daughter in law JANNET LEE (Chinese) , the investment bank where mr KOTATIS conducted his financial bosuns where also colluding to murder him, they knew the homicide detectives, the KESOGLOUS and others involved in watching his every move.

by 2011 The attorney Christos SPILIOPOULOS who was helping Lakis was caught lying, refusing to hand over hard copies of notarized POA contracts to properties to help prosecute those who illegally captured and rented them to tourists, Lakis located to another part of Europe with his own 5 children where they caught the group lying to local police using his children, a child judge then revealed th complaints showing names of his relatives she understood to not of sen him if not once since he was 12 years old yet they had details of his past and upon asking previous girlfriends what they knew he uncovered evidence showing they had defamed him to the parents and relatives of over 4 ex girlfriends dating back to when he was 16 years old, staged vandalism incidents and fallowing them up to frame him and all of these incidents took place in place he was not even living or present any more.

By 2017 Both Chios Attorney mr SPILLIOPOULOS and the mayor of Chios Manolis VERNOUS refused to hand over any documents such as family status records with all the names, Mr VERNOUS removed the jewish grandmothers name from fear the Jews would discover that heinous anti-Semitic crimes took place if Lakis would publish the will of his grandparents with his father!

Mr Steve KOTATIS knew his son Mr. Antonios KOTATIS was involved in the scandal and talking to his mother but said nothing for many years about it, they where only in contact by phone since he went into the US Navy in the mid 1980s and then lived in Panama, then in 2016 Mr. Antonios KOTATIS shows up at his front door with a group of people for the first time in 30 years only to take photos and after 30 minutes he left not to be seen again, prosecutors in Europe where immediately notified about the mater as it was been discovered that Antonios and his KESOGLOU counsel where plotting to target Lakis and his i laws in Europe like they did his older brother John who was found murdered.

When Laki's in laws told a family judge about the matter and thy discovered Antonio had not seen his younger brother since the mid 1980s they immediately advised Lakis to provide school records and Mr Steve KOTATIS immediately arranged for a psychological assessment to re write aka draft his last will advising  Lakis to contact the NOTARY in KALAMOTI Chios to re register the new one, but within days she not only refused to do it  and pretended LAKIS was trying t publish his fathers will but she admitted that Mrs Paraskvoula was in charge of his estate, that they where still married, and it turns out she had registered her 1978 marriage only in Athens during 1995, this is clear evidence showing that Mrs Paraskvoula was stripping her ex husbands assets and properties with the group!

The murder and murder cover up of mr Steve KOTATIS: During December 2017 Mr Steve KOTATIS was found dead, Homicide detectives claim that because the MD stated he died of natural causes they could not fallow up the case, how ever the DA and the FBI told Lakis to pursue this because it did not sound normal that his investment banker knew he was again attacked, was in touch with a nurse taking care of him who used to work for the US NAVY and dated on of the homicide detectives as well.

The death certificate of Mr Steve KOTATIS also claimed he was never married, had no children and it was registered in the birth certificate section., yet the homicide police refused to look into any of this.

Upon sending cease and desist letters to all these criminals demanding they stop everything or the evidence sowing how they used children and the family courts to attack their victims will come public John KESOGLOU offered $1000.000.000 dollars if Lakis agreed to go away as well a tried intimidating him saying if he does not take it h will find some one else such as a service called NAFARIOUS who will  .

John KESOGLOU went on calling Lakis scum stating all he knows about him is what his sister told him and he believes her with his life regardless of the fact they had not seen each other since their mother decided the children i the mid 1980s and in addition to this he admitted that his brother Tom KESOGLOU runs a investment firm with over $800 million in derivatives and insisted no one in the FBI would help Lakis and it works like this.

But Mr John KESOGLOU vanished from facebook the moment Lakis shows him the arrest photos his father  Mr Theodoros KESOGLOU!

Then the brother Antonios KOTATIS replied using his wife’s facebook account insulting Lakis, he pretended not to see the documents he sent him demanding to cease all criminal activity, the forgery with his name on it and so on, 

This petitions is only sharing a fraction of the crimes these people have committed, there is a string of incidents including arson, insurance fraud, bribery and more which took place while Antonios KOTATIS served in the US Navy and later as CIVILIAN POLICE in Panama., new information is lining the husband of Maria Kesoglou name Mike GAVRILIS and ex husband of Anna KOTATIS aa Akai RHAODS FORD name Richard STOSS as they where all in the U.S. NAVY then served as civilian police.

This includes in laws of Mr John KOTATIS such as Mrs Eileen REGAN the sister of his ex wife and Elizabeth Regan and her new husband Mr Fergus HARTE!

It is advised to report anything these people suggest to the FBI or the office of the inspections general if anyone is approached about this by the individuals or contacts on the internet. 

The scandal is still ongoing because they have relatives who assigned and retained attorneys  and claimed to of purchased a few FBI agents on their side who will protect them. People are urging to bring them to justice immediately, including anyone committing obstruction knowingly in he past present or future. 

Prosecutors in Europe are fully aware that Mr Antonios KOTATIS posed as his mother and wife Mrs Karen GUERA on facebook to defame LAKIS to his in laws who speak French and Spanish.

The very last incident was the son of THEODOROS KESOGLOU, "JOHN" offering BRIBES to Lakis who sent case and desist mails to all his perpetrators., he also claims they own the FBI or has them in their pockets and its how it works in the USA.

Th Jewish community of Athens and Secretary for the Chief Rabbi says that they have no records of Hanna Bajanous since the nazis destroyed them, but we found the records both in Spain and Chios Greece, she died in the 1990s and not during the shoa! 

The basic explanation for all this is that a group of crooked functionaries from Chios Greece had  a Greek Jewish man and his family into the United States, they gave false IDS to two Lebanese immigrants on the island, they kidnapped the man's wife and children to extort him of money, even attempted to kill some of them if necessary to assure they co operated,

Evidence has also emerged showing how some of Mr Steve KOTATIS's own relatives back in Chios Greece got involved, ANNA and Sam BILAS falsified Mr Steve KOTATIS's  death certificate alleging he was never married, never had children or worked in the Military which he did, when all discovered by Lakis the group and Mr and mrs BILAS attempted to protect themselves from arrests ad prosecutions by filing false allegations with child protective services during 2018-2019! and where exposed!

In the name of Human rights and dignity please sign the petition so the honest and just law enforcement agencies can review the atrocities and bring the criminals to justice!

Reports about corruption and obstruction where shared with the Office of Inspector General.

The ex husband of Anna KOTATIS says it all:

Antonio KOTATIS death threats to children:

Bank fraud identity theft:

There is much more evidence proving the murders mentioned above not only took place but covered up and who is responsible., the wait is to see who dares to lie to authorities, these will be posted in mid January 2020! the evidence shows how Anna and Sam BILAS staged the murder with the KESOGLOUS, Chinese contacts, the monies as well as a investment banker, medical examiner and police.