End child marriages in TN!

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The current law in the state of TN  allows judges to grant marriage certificates to minors at their own discretion and with parental consent without a minimum age limit. Per the Tennessee Department of Health data, in 2001 three  10-year-old girls were married to men in their 30s. These minors were able to be legally married ,but can not legally  file for divorce until they are 18 years old. This has been a harsh reality for individuals such as Sherry Johnson who was  raped at 8 and pregnant at 10. Johnson was then forced to marry her rapist at 11  in the attempt to protect him   from  being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But with your help, you can change the lives of many children.By signing this petition you can change the lives of the Sherry Johnson's of the world. Children, who have been forced into marriages and are  afraid to speak up. Become their voice by signing  this petition and saying yes to the newly amended Senate bill 1790/ House bill 1785. The newly amended Senate bill 1790/ House bill 1785 now requires that each applicant applying for a marriage certificate should  be 17 years old. The bill also requires that a list of prerequisites  must be met in order to protect that minor. All other ages would not be allowed.Please take a stand and end child marriages in the state of TN. 

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