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Re-Name Christchurch 'Dumbfuckersburg'

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Christchurch has long been home to the sort of racist idiocy that gets wheeled out into the news for the rest of evolved society to point pitch forks at, much like a 90 year old Nazi finally getting taken to court for crimes their rotted brain has long since forgotten.

There have been right wing thugs marching into council meetings dressed up as though they may need to hide behind pot plants at a moments notice.  More recently, the restaurant owner who-  rather just change the name of his establishment to 'Clueless Round Eyed Fuck-Knuckle Takeway'- named his entire menu with stereotypes dealt with day after day by an entire segment of New Zealand's population. 

Word is, dude's restaurant is PACKED.  The People Of Christchurch have spoken.  What's a night out without a good ol' Kiwi garnish of blatant ignorance?

A strong city, much like a strong nation, needs something to reflect it's values.  Given that that Christchurch has too many non-heterosexual people having sex so damn good it makes the ground shake, the time has come has come to stop offending the God's with such an inaccurate name.

I propose we change the name of Christchurch to Dumbfuckersburg

If dumbfuckery can sell average food, it can sell a whole city with as much certainty as white people can explain why something that doesn't affect them actually doesn't affect anyone else.





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