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The Projector Project: Installation of Projectors on classrooms of AICS Bacoor

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Thesis Statement:

Installation of Projector in every classroom for powerpoint uses in order for better understanding of students especially for ICT students.


In our time today, many strategies of how their students will learn precisely were implemented. One of these strategies is using projectors in order for students to really visualize what the lesson is. In this generation where the technology is at rise teaching strategies should also come up with this. That why we want the implementation of using projectors on every classroom to help not just the students but also the teachers. These projectors will be used to play education videos, present powerpoints and application of interactive learning. We believe that a piece of white board and a marker isn't enough for students to understand a lesson especially on programming subjects. Projectors is needed because students will see how the codes is used and applied on a program and not just by imagining it, Our group will make an online campaign to gain support in order for this projects in fully implemented. We want to show the students what will be the good effect of this campaign to their studies and learning. This campaign will be called a


This project is really worth it because anybody can benefit with this. Neither students nor teachers will be making visual aids anymore using manila paper and cartolina because they will just make some powerpoint presentation and present it to the class using projector. The hassle of writing a lot writing al ot f notes during lectures will be no more because it s already wrtten on the powerpoint presentation. The student wont just imagine because the image that teachers wanted students to visualize can be projected. This project is really worth spending because the return of this is education, which can't be compared to any money.


We will create a Facebook page for our project in order for the students of our school will see the whole plan and they will agree on our campaign. We will also want to interact with our co-students by communicating with them by responding to their inquiries, suggestion and questions. Campaigning this project wont require much money because we will already use free services that had been offered in the internet. Expenses will only include money for computer rentals because we will create some graphics and presentations to help promote and implement our project. We will use sites like Facebook, and to promote our campaign.

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