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Have The Project show the unedited interview with Cassie Jaye


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On Thursday, June 8th The Project panel interviewed documentary filmmaker Cassie Jaye about her thought-provoking film the Red Pill. This has sparked an enormous amount of debate across social media in Australia, particularly on The Project's Facebook page:

It is fantastic that she was invited on the show to support women filmmakers and to discuss the prominent issues raised by her documentary. Although, it has come to light from Cassie herself that large segments of the interview were edited out. It's understandable that there are time constraints on TV but we feel that this is a major disservice to Cassie and her work. There are answers she provided which were not aired that would have greatly aided in correcting misinformation that has disseminated throughout Australian media as of late.

Supporters of this petition would greatly appreciate it if The Project team would post the entire unedited interview online and announce this on air so viewers could find it. The Project has always been a bastion of lively debate on prominent issues and has millions of viewers throughout the country. As a major mainstream media outlet, it would go a long way in creating more honest and open dialogue in Australia if this petitions request could be fulfilled.

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