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To proceed with the Production & Filming of The Deadpool Movie

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Marvel and/or possibly 20th Century Fox are delaying the production of the movie based on unrealistic expectations. The Character is an unique character that many Die-Hard Fans are waiting to see on the big screen, but these Companies are more interested in the "Casual" audience that may or may not be interested in the Property or Character regardless of how they promote or advertise it. They also claim that the character doesn't have a big enough fan base or name recognition which can mostly be an inaccurate claim since he's one of the most currently popular character in all of comics. Many people I personally experience that weren't even comic fans have heard about and then researched the character and became fans without even being a fan comic books. Both Companies are not even giving the Character or his film a chance to see how it will far, based to the fact they are waiting for the Perfect Situation for the Project which in the Entertainment Industry never really truly happens. 90% of the Entertainment are honestly speaking "Leaps of Faith" & Marvel and/or 20th Century Fox aren't even considering stepping to the Edge to see the descent. A solution that I also have is if they need proof Start a Official Deadpool Movie Kickstarter and notify the major entertainment & comic website and let the fans show that we will support the project given the chance.

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