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Give the Kenyan youth National ID Cards to enable them vote in 2012.

6,000,000 Kenyan youth have attained the age of 18 and above and thus are eligible for a National Identity Card since 2009. The number keeps growing.

Since 2009 the Kenyan government, knowing fully well that it is unpopular and that the youth have the power to dislodge it's Status Quo in the 2012 election has deliberately refused to allocate funds for registration of young Kenyans as citizens. A Kenyan cannot register to vote without an ID card or a passport. A Kenyan cannot attain a passport without an ID card. A Kenyan cannot enroll for college without an ID card. A Kenya cannot be legally employed without and ID card. A Kenyan cannot get a tax pin number from the revenue authority without an ID card. A Kenyan cannot open a bank account without an ID card. A Kenyan cannot get a driving licence, or access any government service without an ID card including registering an enterprise. A kenyan cannot legally walk about in a town without an ID card! Simply put, a young Kenyan cannot function legally as an adult without a National Identity Card!

We need to compel the unpopular and dictatorial Kenyan coalition government to forthwith issue eligible Kenyan young people with ID cards to enable the participate in their constitutional rights and also vote in a government of their choice come 2012.

All the youth who have applied for ID cards since 2009 have waiting slips. These need to be legally recognised as valid proof of Kenyan citizenship and identification documents to enable 6,000,000 youth access government services and also register to vote in the 2012 General Election.

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