Get Jloc Back Into Ascension of our lord Secondary

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So basically every student who my secondary school views in a bad or negative way and wants an excuse to get rid of them without saying it tries to ship them off to a college program. Every student who was offered the program had a choice on wether they wanted to stay at the school or join the program. Because of the fact I get in trouble they didn’t offer me the choice to stay but instead are trying to force the program onto me. I know for a fact this is what they’re doing because on the first day when I attended school, I checked the bored displaying every students name and classes and my name was there with no classes, I was sent to the office and they told me they haven’t even made a schedule for me because they want me in the program. In the past I’ve made mistakes and obviously know there has to be some sort of punishment for them but I feel like if they really wanted me gone they could have simply expelled me instead of beating around the bush. Honestly I’m just trying to get done with high school and be on with my life. They also told me stay home until the program calls so they can confirm I’ve got into the school they haven’t applied me until now when school began Tuesday and they were supposed to apply me from last year, I’ve been home since Tuesday patiently waiting. This situation is Unfair and I will not stand for it something needs to be changed.