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Student Freedom

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These new rules involving tardies, parent pick-ups and bathroom passes are causing more problems than solutions. Students are forming ridiculously long lines in front of the bathrooms during breaks just to be late for their next period and to be greeted by a pink paper slip. Why must we be escorted? This school is overpopulated. Why do parents have to wait to pick up their children? Parents have the right to pick up their own children whenever they need to. Why do teachers have to make a phone call for a security gaurd who may not even show up or takes too long? We already have a shortage of bathrooms, now we have a shortage of security to escort us there. It's not fair to the students and the security guards. What if a security had to stop a fight but is busy escorting a group of students to the bathroom? Did you know that you can get disorders from things such as holding in urine for too long? Yes, it's possible. It exists and there are people in this school who have expierenced it. Please keep in mind that not all students are hanging out in the bathroom or wandering the halls, a majority of them don't. The previous policies were that if you are tardy 5 times you would finally get a detention. That's absurd. Our school has made it if we get 2 tardies we get a detention. I think we should have a lock out everyday for the students with unexcused tardies. For people who don't know what a lock out is, it's when the second bell rings and all teachers have to lock their doors and let no student come in unless they're excused; they will be rounded up by security guards. After 10 minutes when all the tardy students are gathered in the cafeteria, then the students who arrived on time can use the bathroom without an escort. Thus, all students will be where they need to be and we will not need an escort to the bathroom like 4 year olds. Also, we should hire more security guards and have them do their jobs better because we have seen security completely disreguard students that are skipping.This petition is for the students that want to make a change. We are not encouraging any violence and we come in peace. Individually we are weak, but together we are unstopabble.

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