Cancellation of Internal Tests due to covid-19 outbreak,

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Everyone is well aware of the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus. In the midst of such a global crisis, the students of Padre Conceicao College of Engineering have received time tables and dates for internal tests to be held in the college campus from 2nd to 10th June 

Goa is no longer a green Zone and even otherwise, at a time like this it is of utmost importance to socially distance ourselves and in a college with an estimated minimum of 240 students answering at the same time in the same campus, it is close to impossible to maintain social distancing protocols

Public transport is not at its optimum and students travelling from various parts of the state will find it extremely difficult to commute to the college under these circumstances with an added anxiety of the tests 

Wearing masks for a duration of a hour in closed rooms in summers is both uncomfortable and distracting . 

Mass gatherings of students before and after papers or waiting for public transport is very difficult to control 

We are all aware of how highly contagious this virus is, such that it has brought global superpowers to it's knees.There are currently 4,482,808 confirmed cases and 300,385 deaths globally and rising exponentially.Even a single case enters the college campus, the spread will be out of control and will be added burden to the medical society working tirelessly to contain it and a decision gone wrong now will prove highly lethal as things could go South very very easily. We believe that the need of the hour is to maintain distance from one another and stay safe indoors. Sign the petition if you believe in us and let's reach our voice to the management that we are not ready to risk our health, our life and the lives of others and request them to take immediate action with respect to the current situation