Banning a concerned parent from school relating to objecting to wifi in classrooms

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Bryan McGhee
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Petition to The Principal, Lithgow Public School and the Minister of Education NSW Government.

Banning a concerned parent from school due to raising concerns relating to wifi in the classroom

In early 2018 my son Connor forgot his drink bottle. I went home and on returning and taking the bottle into his classroom, I noted a large wifi router installed in the children's classroom. I raised concerns with the teacher and school, warning them that leaving the wifi  on all day was highly likely to be having an adverse affect on the health and well being not only of Connor, but of all the children. I even offered to pay from my own money to have cabling installed in the classroom.

Instead of respecting a parents legitimate concerns and showing some wisdom and looking at the huge amount of research backing up my concerns, the school chose to ban me from attending Lithgow public school from mid Mid December 2018 to 31 January 2019.  As such, I  missed various activities relating to my child  by being denied access to the school.

My son was emotional upset and likely traumatised by this, not understanding why his dad was banned from the school.

This is in despite an increasing amount of countries such as Israel (banned until the age of 6) , France, (wifi banned in nursery schools and minimised in schools up to 11 years) Russia,  Italy and other European countries taking action towards limiting or stopping wifi in primary schools and recommending hard wiring instead of wifi.

The United States National Toxicology program has recently shown there is a direct link between 2 and 3g use and cancer and 5g will be much more intense.  Wifi is currently at 2.4 gigahertz and soon will be changed to 5 gigahertz. Even though it may be at a low wattage, there is evidence that such radiation exposure accumulates over time, likely causing likely long term damage to children unnecessarily.

 It takes about 60 seconds for an egg to explode in a microwave oven. Wifi, whilst at low doses, is in a similar range to microwave frequency.

This sort of behavior is not only a poor reflection of a schools obligation to respect a parents right to protect their child, but it is also an example of an excessive and arguably arrogant misuse of governmental power to in effect, punish a parents legitimate right to ask questions in regard to the safety of their child.

Wifi in schools is often left on all day, subjecting children with small skulls to high doses of radiation. There is mounting evidence and concern that long term damage is caused to children under these ongoing circumstances.

Myself and an increasing number of parents are worried about their children's safety and well being not only due to wifi in schools, but to the increasing addiction of children to mobile and other screen related devices.

Please be aware that as you have been advised of the likelihood that wifi can cause harm to children which is being now backed up by credible research, that in the future when evidence may be conclusive of wifi dangers, the Principals of such schools who were advised and took no action to protect children may be personally both civilly and legally liable. As such, we are raising these concerns to ideally work with and protect Principals from such eventualities.

What we ask for

That the Principal at Lithgow Public School and the Department of Education agree to the following

Commit to never again banning a parent from attending a school for raising concerns about the safety of their child.

Commit to immediately directing  public schools to turn off wifi units when not in use

To limit the use of wifi in schools.

To follow the example of other countries and within 12months remove wifi routers and install in hard wiring to computers for primary students.

To ban the use of cell phones by students during school hours in primary and secondary schools

For teachers not to be using their cell phones in front of students unless in emergencies

To have teachers undergo awareness training into the potential dangers of wifi and other cell phone radiation in schools.

To introduce awareness training for children so as to help avoid what is becoming increasing addiction to cell phones, tablets and screen time

Some resources

The Environmental Health Trust - Independent research into the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

The Children Health Defense - Robert Kennedy Junior

The National Toxicology Program of the United States Government, conducted an extensive ten year and 30 million dollar research project and found that there is a conclusive link between high doses of phone radiation and cancerous tumors.

Wireless Radiation Health Effects: Prof. Olle Johannson, Neuroscientist Danish Parliament hearing