Change Midway’s Unjust & Outdated Dress code

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Change Midway’s Unjust & Outdated Dress code

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Anonymous . started this petition to MMS district

Midways dress code is discriminative, contradicting, and outdated.

Along with what the midway dress code says, the schools tell us differently. First of all, the students handbook clearly states in *exact* words, “Sexual harassment and gender-based harassment of a student by an employee, volunteer, or another student is prohibited.”

This means nobody can sexualize or sexually harass the students, yet they have dress code rules because skin is “distracting.” The only reason it could ever be distracting is because the school makes to out to be so wrong. First of all I’ve talked to many students of all genders and all of the students have agreed that it isn’t distracting. Honestly, *nothing* is really distracting. Like piercings, unnatural hair, hats, or even baggy/tight clothes. Many students have said it’s for the teachers, but if the student handbook says that, then why are the teachers even hired if they are going to be distracred by a students body parts? Another part of contradiction is the stomach. It says no halter tops or midriff (which is the area of the stomach.) People (mostly females) get dress coded for showing their stomach, but males have had their shirts off in school. This is contradicting what the dress code says about “equal rights”, and the school is clearly targeting certain people.

Another thing is, the dress code says in *exact* words “Girls must wear bras”.

In the dress code it never stated anything about showing bra straps, or the outline (which people have been dress coded for by even male teachers).


Lastly, the dress code is confusing and strict. Stores before 2000’s had much more of a variety  of clothing options, which included long shorts and shirts.Now, trends have changed, and stores usually sell short shorts (especially in the summer). Most stores sell shorts a little bit above your fingertip, because of the hot weather. Schools do not let us wear shorts, even when its summer. In the summer, it is extremely hot, and not that much colder inside. Along with the shorts, tank tops are also common in the summer. The dress code says the straps have to be 2 inches wide, but teachers have dress coded (all types of) students for not having up to 3/4 inch wide straps. A lot of staff does not follow what the dress coded says, and they make us focus on what we’re wearing more than our learning. It’s all because they tell us one thing, then they do another.

As they have said many times, school is a place to learn. If it is a place to learn, they why should I worry if something I can’t control is “distracting others?” Especially if school is one of many ways to express yourself. Adults say this is to get you ready for the workforce, but the truth is, we are just kids in middle school. Yes, the workforce might be close, but we should be able to be comfortable and have fun in our own clothes. The thing is, most workplaces don’t mind your hair color, if you have something on your head (sunglasses, caps, beanies), your piercings, or your clothes. The ones that usually do is the places with a uniform.


So then why is the school dress code at a middle school so strict? This is why we should change the dress code. We need to have more freedom, expression, and just be able to live our lives comfortably. All we should be worrying about it studying for an upcoming test, not if our shoulders are showing.


Alternative dress code ideas

Unnatural hair is allowed

Hats, beanies, and hoodies or any other head accessories are allowed to be worn, unless your teacher says otherwise

Shorts must be at least mid thigh 

If wearing a bra, the straps are allowed to be seen 

Piercings are allowed, but no more than 5 facial piercings (not including ears), and they cannot be more than 1.2 mm. Gauges are also not allowed, and fake tattoos must be covered.

Holes in pants are okay (below the thigh). Small holes are okay on the thigh, but big holes have to be covered by either something under it, or something over it. 

Shirts may not short more than 3 inch of midriff (may not go past your belly button)

Skirts may be as short as your mid thigh, BUT they must have shorts underneath. 

Tight and baggy clothing are perfectly fine, BUT not excessively tight clothing (unless the front and back is covered)

No gang signs or inappropriate gestures (including drugs and smoking) are allowed on clothing 



Students who break this dress code have to option to call their parents top bring them clothes, or they can wear what the school provides (shorts for summer, and pants for winter)

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