We oppose citizenship amendment bill 2016

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Respected sir,

The CAB ringfences Muslim identity by declaring India a welcome refuge to all other religious communities. It seeks to legally establish Muslims as second-class citizens of India by providing preferential treatment to other groups.

This violates the Constitution’s Article 14, the fundamental right to equality to all persons. This basic structure of the Constitution cannot be reshaped by any Parliament. And yet, the government maintains that it does not discriminate or violate the right to equality.

I am writing this petition agaist the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 as it will affect the indigenous people of Assam and the entire North Eastern region of the country. We oppose the bill because

1. It is against the constitution of India as it is emphasising citizenship to the foreigners on religious grounds. But our constitution says that India is a secular country.

2. Moreover it will discard the historic Assam Accord,1985 , which was signed after the Assam Agitation against the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

3. This Bill will not only change the demography of NorthEastern region but the indigenous people will loose their cultural, linguistic identity of the people.

Therefore, we humbly request you to reconsider the matter and not to pass the bill which will affect your own brothers and siters.