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The Peoples Manifesto - For the Newly Elected UK Government

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Like myself, I feel that many people are disillusioned with the circus act we call politics in the UK.

Are you a lefty? Or a righty? Somewhere in the middley? It doesn't seem to matter. The 'choices' we have are given to us which means they are not our choices at all. It's like being back at school. Will you choose the red team, the blue team or the yellow team?... Green team?

Joking aside, I frankly have no more faith in Corbyn than May but this seems to be a 'choice' we have at hand. As you may well have seen, this year there has been a big push from all parties and many media outlets to get more people to vote. The turnout numbers have been dwindling over the years which for a politician is bad for business. Let me tell you something here, although you may be bullied with the old 'no vote, no voice' tactic, there is one crucial difference.

Not voting IS voting.

Not voting is a vote of NO CONFIDENCE, so are we really surprised there has been progressively less turnout?

Some of the things the UK government has done, regardless of which colour 'team' it is, are not in our best interest at all. Indeed for some people of other nations around the world, actions carried out on our behalf have caused truly dreadful circumstances... death, famine, homelessness by displacement of war.

There is environmental and civil devastation at hand from all kinds of corporate gains, leaving our countryside ruined and some people in the UK struggling even to feed their families... struggling even to live! We have all seen in history what happens when the corporations become so empowered as to determine our fate. Look at the workhouses of the industrial revolution, living 'hand to mouth' in squalor. Poverty, homelessness, starvation, ill health... sound familiar?

It seems that if we want change we have to create it ourselves in a mature, non violent and amicable manor. I'm not asking you not to vote, the polarisation between party policies has not been this great for a long time and your vote may well be important. I would also like to say at this point that I believe governments can be educated and the majority of local ministers in the UK are genuinely hard working and responsible people... People who are willing to help :)

So here I am setting my terms for whoever becomes prime minister in the upcoming elections. I will not have their destruction in my name. As such, this is not so much a petition but my declaration as a citizen of the UK for the actions of those who will be representing us going forward. I welcome all to join me not one person excluded, let's do this.

The 'petition' will be delivered to the new prime minister on the first day of office after the elections on the 8th June 2017. Remember if you're reading this after that date, you can still make a declaration at any time! And if you don't agree with mine, I implore you to please make your own and send it to the prime minister whoever that may be.

Thank you very much for signing :)

Final Revision: 21.05.17


To our elected leader the prime minister of the UK government,

All signers of this petition are making the following declarations for you and your cabinet to carry out effective immediately.

1) I demand that you tax the corporations that operate in the UK the actual amounts due and close all loop holes that allow them to avoid paying tax.

2) I do not permit you to sell weapons of any kind.

3) I do not permit you to bomb or kill civilians of any other nation.

4) I do not permit fracking in the UK or it's seas.

5) I do not permit you to compromise our democracy, privacy or security by building digital backdoors into apps and programs the public use. They could be too easily exploited by criminal hackers and people have a right to privacy. Encryption is also essential for our democracy, freedom of speech and a free press.

6) I demand a full, clear audit of UK government spending made public and available on a dedicated website showing historical and present government expenditure starting from the year 1900. Including a full explanation of deficit, debt and funding.

7) I demand full government ownership of the NHS, the securing of jobs for people who work for the NHS and more funding for the NHS.

8) I demand more funding for the benefits system, including providing disabilities allowance to those who need it and a government solution to the food bank crisis.

9) I demand mental health to be treated equally in terms of funding and provision.

10) I demand an overhaul of the prison system, mental health support for inmates and staff members alike and the assurance of adequate funding for extra staffing and education.

11) I demand an actual, researched and supported living wage to take the place of the so called 'minimum wage'.

Yours sincerely,
The citizens of the United Kindom




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