The National Emergency Medal a muddled medal volunteers deserve more

In the last month we have seen the release of new significant emergencies for the NEM and awaiting third.

The New clasps added are TC Debbie 2017 and NQ Floods 2019. Both state sustained service 5 days and judging by the spread sheets, this is cumulative and specific Local Government Areas have been stipulated and no distinction between paid or volunteer workers.
Still awaiting release is the Australian Bushfire Emerency 2019/20. It is hoped that a similar approach will be taken.
The spirit of this petition should be now reflecting on changing the requirements for the First Three Emergencies to reflect the fair and equitable way in which the latest have been issued with the QLD Flood and the TC Yasi emergencies separated for qualifying , an increase in the eligible period for TC Yasi beyond the 14th of February, the removal of the paid/ unpaid citeria and retrospective change to the number of days to be 5 to ensure that ALL personell are treated fairly for the first three emergencies.
In many cases this will only cost the amount for the clasp.

We are getting there but lets's have some retrospectivity.

Warren Kelly, Deeragun QLD, Australia
1 year ago
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