Universal Basic Income for Everyone to Get us Through the Covid19 Crisis

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In these unprecedented times of great uncertainty, worry and economic stress with so many people in precarious financial situations, our government should now consider with great care a simple option to solve the myriad economic problems the people of this country now face because of the Covid19 outbreak.

Issue everyone with cushioning funds by way of a simple and Universal Basic Income until the crisis ends. A monthly stipend for everyone to get through this together, paid for the next few months or until we can resume business as usual.

It would surely be a lot simpler than the many complex measures being considered, which are inevitably very time consuming, expensive to administrate and will still leave many people excluded; in precarious situations facing rent, mortgage, bills, food & other extraordinary expenses. It can be done. It will no doubt improve our collective chances of averting economic disaster, save thousands of small businesses, millions of jobs and many lives.

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