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Make it harder for Terrorists to live among us.

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It is far to easy for terrorists and potential terrorists to live among us in Britain. We want the Prime Minister, the Police Force, Security Services and Law Makers in this country to reverse the legal position that the nation is in and remove passivity towards people who seek to harm us. We want changes to the laws so that terrorists no longer have laws that  protect them. The current laws have put the police and security services in an impossible position. Not only that, but the people of this nation are living in fear of attacks because we are waiting for terrorists to strike before we can do anything. We want to see justice done for those who have suffered from terrorism, so that there is no room for terrorists to live among us and harm us. We want to remove the risk of terror on the streets of Britain and make life more safer for everyone. We want politicians  to change their passivity and mind set  towards the perpetrators of attacks and to wake up and have a more active and attentive attitude. 

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