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Recognition for the true architects of Kochi Metro in inaguration ceremony

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Kochi Metro is a dream come true for the whole of Kerala and many Keralites abroad. I for one, like many in Kerala, believe that this Kochi metro project will herald a whole new era and culture. A culture, that would set aside political/social/economics differences for the shared good of ordinary man on the streets. Kochi Metro is a beacon of hope. We as a nation has long aspired to live the dreams of a developed India and took up many monumental developmental projects. But time and again we failed, we failed not so as in other worlds because of lack of resources, but for lack of men who would put their heart and soul for the cause. We were often plagued by red tapes and corruption and often we compromised on our dreams. 

E Sreedharan and KMRL team showed us that this time we shall not be bogged down by what has held us back for decades. We learned from them that there is nothing we lack in terms of worldly resources. If ever it is the attitude, mindset, dedication, and sacrifice for the common good. Also,  the humility and frankness to accept one's faults and learn from them.

We the undersigned hereby request the PMO INDIA to listen to the wishes of your subjects and give due recognition to E Sreedharan and KMRL team for not just completion of the project but for inspiring a whole generation.They deserve a place on the inauguration stage.

All monumental leaps, be it in the life of an individual or march of civilization has come through a change; a change in belief. A change that was so hard to come by, but has redefined lives ever since. Kochi Metro is a symbol of such a change –A change in belief, mindset, and attitude. It would be a gross injustice to omit the architects of this change in minds of common man from the stage of Kochi Metro inauguration function.


As prudent men with a heart to feel, a brain to think and a mind to reflect; I hope you will agree with us and grant us our wish.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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