Vote To Remove The House Of Lords For Treachery Against The British Public

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It is time that the British public stood up to the injustices of the House of Lords.

The majority of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, however, it would appear that we, as surfs are having the decision made for us by, (the UN ELECTED) House of Lords.

Please do not just stand by and complain about how the the democratic system is being abused and ignored, by those who have been, by privilege, placed in a position of power, without the skills to have earned it, do something about it !

They are relying on your inaction as uneducated peasants, show them this is not true, alternatively say nothing and let them overturn the will of the British people, which they will and have done, time after time.

This is not just about Brexit, but every British subject who has lived and died for this wonderful, proud country, to give us this democratic system, don't lose it by being lazy or expecting somebody else to do the work, We are all that somebody else.


Good Luck