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It's a clear cut.

We have been getting information that generous amounts of donations are being made.

There have been no links or websites set up to provide information on how much amounts in donations have been collected and where and how shall they be used!

We the entire country is in this together. We want to know. Make the usage of it TRANSPARENT! 

Different parts of the country is in desperate need of medical equipment. 

We have just a minor number of cases and it is already getting out of hand.

We need a response on this. 

Theres the number of employees in the medical departments demanding important medical supplies that at a time of a pandemic are extremely essential. 

We are 10 days into lockdown and it only seems to be going out of hand as the days are progressing. 

I have decided to file in this petition because I have searched all over the internet for facts about how it is going to be used. And there has been no clear information provided at all about it.

These are desperate times. The people will react correctly if they stay informed and the government in charge provides updates on a regular basis!