Abolish the Atos and Capita assessments the Lima tick box method of assessment.

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This petition is to abolish the current  flawed Atos And Capita assessments for those claiming  ESA and PIP benefits for the sick and disabled.

The current lima tick boxing method of assessments are not fit for purpose! 

These are the tick box boxes yes /No assessments which  do not recognise or take into account  for those that are living with long term chronic illnesses. Which are very dibilitating.

fluctuating conditions like Fibromylagia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME, MS, mental illness and the many other conditions. 

Therefore they are denying  hundreds of thousands of people the help and support they need and are entitled too. 

Long - term recipients have been set up to fail!! . 

The assessors of  Atos and Capita are also payed bonuses to  cut and deny payments  to vulnerable Claiments.

The Assessors twist and lie in the assessment reports. To those with invisible illnesses and fluctuating to chronic conditions.


The DWP are responsible for over 120,0000 Deaths and  the numbers are raising daily  unnecessary, unexceptable deaths.

Tarketing the  most vulnerable and those not able to cope with the system. Denying the very people that need their support.

The DWP, Capita and Atos are having an adverse effect on peoples Health, well-being and Mental health,often making their long-term conditions worse and I know this from personal experience.

The present Tory Government and DWP are failing the most vulnerable in society, we are being demoralised, degraded and ignored.

Please sign this PETITION! to abolish these assessments  using the Lima tick boxing method of assessments that are not fit for purpose!