We support the bestowing of the latest honour by Queen Elizabeth II to Tony Blair.

We support the bestowing of the latest honour by Queen Elizabeth II to Tony Blair.

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Started by Gary Carter

The Prime Minister is no doubt aware of the petition on Change.org asking for the honour of " Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter" bestowed by her Majesty the Queen, to be rescinded.

When considering the petition; we ask the prime minister to equally consider the views of the people here on this petition, who support the bestowing of this honour to a former prime minister (who achieved so much for the people of his country and won the support of the people in 3 general election victories) in what is one of the most thankless jobs in british politics.
The effects of New Labour’s policies under Blair meant that those at the bottom benefited greatly from the reducing of child poverty, introducing the minimum wage and real terms investment in schools and NHS.

50 Labour Achievements (a majority under Tony Blairs watch as prime minister) that the party was able to take to the people at the end of it's time in government.
1. Lowest inflation since the 60s
2. Lowest mortgage rates for 40 years
3. Introduced the National Minimum Wage
4. Record police numbers in England and Wales
5. Cut overall crime by 30 per cent
6. Record levels of literacy and numeracy in schools
7. Best-ever primary school results
8. Funding for every pupil in England to double (since 1997) by 2007-08
9. Lowest unemployment for 29 years

10. Written off up to 100 per cent of debt owed by poorest counties
11. 77,500 more nurses
12. 19,300 more doctors
13. Brought back matrons to hospital wards
14. Devolved power to the Scottish Parliament
15. Devolved power to Welsh Assembly
16. Banned anti-personnel mines
17. NHS Direct offering free convenient patient advice at any time
18. New Deal – helped over a million people into work

19. Local government funding has increased by a third in real terms
20. Equalised the age of consent for gay men
21. Free entry to all national museums and galleries
22. Overseas aid budget more than doubled
23. Restored city-wide government to London
24. Child benefit up 25 per cent since 1997

25. Created Sure Start to help children from low income households
26. Introduced the Disability Rights Commission
27. £200 winter fuel payment to pensioners & extra £100 for over-80s
28. The biggest rolling stock replacement programme ever seen on our railways
29. Negotiated the historic Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland
30. Over 28,000 more teachers in England schools
31. Implemented the Freedom of Information Act
32. All workers now have a right to 4 weeks’ paid holiday
33. Record rises in the state pension
34. 600,000 children lifted out of relative poverty
35. Introduced child tax credit giving more money to parents
36. Banned handguns
37. Cut long-term youth unemployment by 75 per cent
38. Free nursery places for three and four-year-olds in England, Scotland and Wales
39. Free fruit for all four to six-year-olds at school
40. Free school milk for five, six and seven-year-olds in Wales
41. Record police numbers in Scotland
42. Implemented the Human Rights Act
43. Cleanest rivers, beaches, drinking water and air since the industrial revolution
44. Free TV licences for over-75s
45. Banned fur farming and the testing of cosmetics on animals
46. Halved maximum waiting times for NHS operations
47. Free local bus travel for the over-60s and the disabled in Wales and Scotland
48. Record number of students in higher education
49. Extended the Race Relations Act so that all public bodies and functions now have a duty to promote race equality
50. Five, six and seven-year-olds in class sizes of 30 or less

1,042 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!