[ URGENT ] Save Elephants in captivity from danger of death

[ URGENT ] Save Elephants in captivity from danger of death

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発信者:NPO法人 動物解放団体リブ With Elephants ぞうたちのみらい 宛先:The Prime Minister of Japan

The surviving elephants at risk
A very tragic accident occurred in Ichihara Elephant Kingdom, a zoo in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture.

From May 14, 2021, six Asian elephants became ill at the same time, and two of them died on the 16th.

Four elephants are also currently being treated.
Food poisoning is suspected, but the cause is still unknown. (According to the press)
Since the 12 elephants were given the same diet and some elephants were not sick. So the possibility of contamination with poisons and the possibility of bacterial infection could not be ruled out.
The lives of other elephants can also be at risk.

It is said that the facility is continuing its own investigation, but it is open despite the unknown cause.
The facility also provides contact between Asian elephants and visitors, as well as feeding by visitors.
It cannot be said that the opening of the park at the survey stage is not only for elephants, but also for visitors, especially children.
This Business is continuing without any precautionary measures.

The Asian elephant is an EN (Endangered IB) on the IUCN Red List, a rare species listed in Annex I under the Washington Convention, and an internationally protected animal.
I have no choice but to question the responsibility for managing the precious animals and ensuring the safety of visitors.


For the above reasons, we strongly request the following:

⒈ We will move the 10 surviving elephants of the facility, which are protected by international treaties, to a safe facility on the same day, and request measures to prevent the death of all individuals.

⒉ We request the publication of anatomical findings and blood test results of the two dead animals.

⒊ Elephants are herbivores, and their foods are hay, pellets, vegetables, etc. It is unlikely that they will cause food poisoning more than rotten raw meat, such as killing or aggravating large animals weighing 4 to 5 tons at once.

We request police, government, and neutral and impartial experts who have no stake in the facility to conduct on-site inspections and publish record details.


[Ichihara Elephant Kingdom Elephant Show]

In Ichihara Elephant Kingdom, we use "Bullhook" to show elephants.

A "bull hook" is a tool used to train elephants and is a long rod with a pointed metal. Hit, stab, and hook the elephant to give orders.

World Animal Protection, an animal welfare organization based in 14 countries around the world, has announced that 12 zoos around the world with harsh shows should be closed immediately.
One of them is the  Ichihara Elephant Kingdom,  in Japan.

We have also conducted six surveys and have retained and released images of excessive beatings and training of elephants using bullhooks, and many people have reported sloppy animal management and abuse at the facility. There was also witness information that the elephant was beaten and bleeding from his head, and the audience  had shocked. If you look closely at the elephants, you can see that there are countless scars from the bullhook.
What do the children think when they see that?

[Use of Ichihara Elephant Kingdom,  Bullhook] https://youtu.be/qA3nB9ftPw4

Yoko who died             https://youtu.be/1Db6gq07aEY

Child elephant         https://youtu.be/FWvMEeNuTqM

Terry abnormal behavior       https://youtu.be/NPD9UKvxrBE

Bull hook summary        https://youtu.be/Tt77GKzzY9g

[Training to elephants] Pajan          URL: https://youtu.be/SVckvi_gWVo

[Accident history and details]

・ May 14, 2021 afternoon
Symptoms such as diarrhea appeared in 6 out of a total of 12 elephants, 11 Asian elephants and 1 African elephant.

・ May 16, 2021
He had been given an intravenous drip because of diarrhea, loss of appetite, and dehydration, but "Pulley" died at 2:30 am and "Minister" died one after another at 1:15 pm on the same day. (According to the press)

● Dead individuals: 2

・ "Pulley" Born January 18, 1991 / Place of birth: India / Came: 2002
Yumeka, Ririka, owned by the same facility, Momoka's mother
Visited from a nature reserve in India in 2002 (with Terry and Mommy)

・ "Ministar" Born in 1986 / Place of birth: Thailand / Came: 1987

● Individuals currently being treated: 4
・ "Mickey" (estimated 43 years old)
・ "Yumeka" (14 years old)
・ "Mummy" (23 years old)
・ "Ririka" (7 years old)

● Individuals without symptoms: 6 animals
・ "Terry" (29 years old)
・ "Yuki" (7 years old)
・ "Momoka" (2 years old)
・ "Ramu" (2 years old)
・ "Randy" (estimated 21 years old)
・ "Sandy" (African elephant / estimated 35 years old) 

The deceased "Pulley" was raising a child.
"Momoka", who is less than three years old, lost her mother.
The only way for captive animals  live... It  to be control everything by human.
The elephants in Ichihara Elephant Kingdom are under the control of violence, pain and horror by "Bullhook" every day to do "shows".

Naturally, all food is under the control of humans, and animals cannot do anything about it.
As a result, the facility should take the sad and tragic accident more seriously.

The signature will be submitted to the Chiba Prefectural Assembly, which will be held from June 17, along with the petition.

I would like you to consider this serious accident as a problem not only for facilities but also for Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture as a whole, and Japan as a whole, and work to resolve the problem.

We need the signatures of as many people as possible and your help.
We appreciate your cooperation in protecting the elephants.

Japanese Version →  https://www.change.org/EMG-elephants

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