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The Members of Parliament                                                              Dt: 15/08/2017

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Hon’ble Sir,

        Sub: Non release of funds and non-auditing of accounts from 2007 to save Disabled, Poor and Farmers rom suicide


Ref: PPP Reg 725/2014 and Resolutions and decisions for “Grama Swaraj” Help Line to function 24 Hrs 365 Days to save Citizens.


We thank your Hon’ble selves for framing the “Public Private Partnership  INDIA TRADE CENTRE”  (PPP-ITC))  with the support of Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOC & I) Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)  Govt. of India (GOI) to fulfil its “Constitutional Obligation’s” created by First Prime Minister of India Shri Pandith Nehru when he “Promised the Nation” by his declaration stating  that the “First task of this assembly is to free India through a new Constitution to feed the starving people and cloth the naked masses and to give  every Indian fullest opportunity to  develop himself according to his capacity”.

The “PPP-ITC” has been framed in 2007 in Romania during the tenure of then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh  as the head of the cabinet  and former President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam as head of executive. It was launched by the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) which was set up by “MOC & I” as an apex body of exporters and export promotions Organisations to “Partner” the Govt. and advice it in formulation of “POLICY RESCISSION'S to fulfil its Constitutional Obligations as per, Part IV, Directive Principle of State Policy (DPSP) of the  Constitution, based on which the Govt. has been framing  the “Foreign Trade POLICY” (FTP). The “PPP-ITC” has been framed as per “FTP” under which Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme being formed in Romania (EU) to allow every Citizen to perform “Fundamental Duty” as per Part IV A, of Constitution and obtain delivery of fundamental needs while getting support to life and livelihood as guaranteed under “Fundamental Rights” as per Part III of the Constitution of India being direct/ indirect tax paying Citizen.

We started our operations as per the resolutions and decisions of the “Managing Committee of FIEO”  headed by its  President along with the Chairman (WR) who was also functioned as Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of “PPP-ITC” in Romania, Sharjah (UAE) and elsewhere and was running its operations  under the control of “Secretary General (SG) an Indian Administrative Officer (IAS)” deputed by Govt. and  Chairman of FIEO (WR)  in Mumbai for European  (EU) and Balkans region , Chairman FIEO (SR) for UAE,MENA and African region while other offices were reported to be placed under the Chairman’s of other regions of FIEO, with the “Objective” of marketing produce of farmers, goods & services of entrepreneurs by opening “Trade Centre’s” across the globe for increasing  employment,  income  to Private Partners and revenue to  Govt. the Public Partner to fulfil its constitutional obligations.


As per the evidences and proofs collected an amount of Rs.40  Lakhs Crores (Rupees Forty Lakhs Crores) were earned by running the activities in such a fashion to maximize volume of trade while ensuring no trace of documents to account or amounts are available by the elements who had vested interest in the operations to steal the public wealth.

Later the concerned “IAS” officer was transferred. The matter was brought to the Hon’ble Minister of Commerce & Industryby the first Administrator who was dismissed for mismanagement and he went to court filing Civil and Criminal cases without completing the auditing of the accounts still areunaudited.

It is worth noting the undersigned had approached the Court in Chennai  for protection of people, stock, inventory, cash along with documents, evidences to trace mismanagement and mis appropriation, as evidenced by various suits, petitions filed at various courts including High Courts, and Supreme Court of India and authorities such as Human Rights Council in India (HRCI)andatUnited Nations (UNHRC). Etc as victims were mainly women from Romania, Sharjah and India who have been denied salary andor, income for livelihoodand were enslaved and exploited.

Meanwhile the IAS officer who started and controlled the operations and activities was caught by Lokayukta in Madhya Pradesh with assets and cash worth Rs.400 Crores the amount said to be the commission on volume of trade @ 0.01 % , i.e.. 0.01 % of Rs. 40 Lakhs Crores. Further It was reported out of assets and cash recovered income tax dept. (mis) appropriated hundreds of Crores as tax illegally, even when Romania and India have double tax avoidance treaty.

This has resulted in huge loss to Private Partners and the Beneficiary Partners, Citizens and NGO’s such as Gandhi Samraka Grama Seva Kendrum, Kasaragod and Anugraha Chariteble Trust , Kannur who have been  waiting to serve suffering people especially  disabled (Endosulfan Victims) , poor, children, aged and save  poor, workers and farmers while empowering women. With this “Objective” they had given samples based on paper publication and believing the “FIEO & Govt.”  For getting the benefit for serving masses using the income earned by “PPP-ITC”.

The “PPP-ITC” is registered in India in 2014 under the direction of Hon’ble President to utilize the income  to save the Disabled, Poor ,Workers, Farmers and to empower Women by  TAKING OVER THEIR UNPAID LOANS AND LIABILITIES created by not awarding just and justifiable value to their work or, produce  and fulfil the main “Objective” of establishing GandhiJi’s  “Grama Swaraj” by  installing        24 Hrs 365 Days HELP LINE after forming Partnership with each and every individual to give one’s the fullest  opportunity to develop one’s self according to one’s capacity by performing “Fundamental Duty” of replenishing the air, water and food consumed by him, by engaging in agriculture and reforestation to earn income for each and every action of his based on its contribution to life and livelihood  of others and for securing self-sufficiency, self-reliance and sustainability, promoting brotherhood, peace and prosperity while protecting environment eco system and bio diversity to obtain delivery of desired “Fundamental Needs” such as food, justice, health, clothing, shelter and education .




This is deemed necessary to engage the young and unemployed in nation building by channelling their energy in activities which absorb carbon to earn carbon credit and arrest global warming to defeat the scheme and plans of anti-national and anti-social forces who promote ideals and idols of hatred to increase crime, violence, naxalism, and terrorism to divide people.


Unfortunately even after the direction of Hon’ble President neither the amounts promised are released nor accounts audited since inception of “PPP-ITC”. We request your Hon’ble selves to ensure speedy release of “Promised Funds” to revive the activities and operations of “PPP-ITC” to save disabled, children, aged, poor and ensure women, workers and farmers are awarded just and justifiable value for their work or produce which is denied to them at present due to wrong policies of financial institutions and driving them to commit suicide. There are so many poor individuals and farmers and their  families  in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, and Puducherry etc states and “PPP-ITC” would like to take over their loans and liabilities and setup 24 Hrs 365 Days HELP LINE as directed by Hon’ble President of India  and help to get justice to the suffering masses of India.

Therefor we humbly request your Hon’ble selves to raise the issue in the Parliament and various public platforms such as media etc to ensure the “Promised Funds” and audit of the accounts are completed speedily and amounts are released to stop the suicide of poor and farmers.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely                               



Managing Partner

M.S.Prasad Bhat    

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