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India Needs Clinical Pharmacy but qualified Doctor of Pharmacy are on the streets!

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A Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) is a health professional who is qualified to practice the rational use of medication (right drug, at right dose, at right time, in right route of administration, at right cost), especially for effective treatment outcomes and medication safety. PharmDs are well trained to address various drug related problems as well as economic issues related to drug use. The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) had introduced a very expensive six-year course after 10+2 (where fees are collected during the final year of Internship as well), in the year 2008, with the approval of ministry of health & family welfare under Pharmacy Act 1948, section 10. The course was introduced with the Pharm.D gazette 2008 guidelines and also approved as master’s qualification by UGC under section 22(3) of 1956 UGC ACT. According to the Pharm.D gazette 2008 guidelines, the student who completes Pharm.D, also awarded as doctoral degree by the government. This course is a specialized program in which students are exposed to pharmacology for 2 years, pharmacotherapy for all the medical conditions over a period of 3 years & clinical toxicology through a bed side training setup. This course meets the criteria so as to provide better health care to the large patient population. Though Pharm.D students passing out, they were left orphaned by the pharmacy council. The Main objective of the course is to provide rational therapy to the patients which reflects a  reduction in medical expenditures and the disease burden on patient by preventing the drug related issues like side effects or adverse drug reactions or any adverse drug events.

Though it has been passed over 6 years from the introduction of this course, neither the central government nor state government has created any specific cadre to the profession. There are 1160 pass-outs for the 2013-14 all over India and this number is piled up to 2480 students for the year 2014-15 and these number are expected to increase tremendously, as the PCI continues to approve new colleges every year. The number of colleges has increased from 29, in 2008-09, to 191 institutions by the year 2014-15 and the expected to increase for next academic year. Presently, PharmDs who passed out, till to date, don’t have any provision to practice the profession and the government has not initiated any necessary steps for the recruitment of such highly qualified professionals in the health sector to improve mortality and morbidity rate due to drugs, particularly in India. Thus, everyone who completed Pharm.D are turning into unemployed youth.

Medical tourism is more alarming these days which would generate direct and indirect employment as well as contributes to the growth of Indian economy, a proven fact with Singapore. For medical Tourism to happen, all health facilities are to be accredited to global certification under JCI (joint commission international) accreditation, whose provisions make it compulsory to accommodate clinical pharmacists as the integral healthcare provider of a healthcare team, and which promote concept of rational treatment and the evidence based medicine in real practice. In fact, there are 42 JCI accredited hospitals whose standards don’t exist in any government hospitals. Even "the top most hospitals" like All India institute of medical sciences (AIIMS), Jawaharlal institute of medical sciences and research and etc., haven't recruited a single clinical pharmacist even after 7 years of course introduction. Is this due to lack of awareness or outright ignorance?

            Why don't government hospitals encourage the concept of rational treatment for all?

PharmD graduates should be recruited in government programs under the state & central health Programs organized by rural health mission (NRHM), other several national health programmes.

Indian PharmD has to be developed as a program to promote research and evidence based practice culture.

Many PharmD colleges use the MOU only for PCI inspection purpose and not for academic activities so proper look over standards should be done.

Government has to adopt and implement certain guide lines for practicing pharmacists including dress codes, good dispensing practices and other ethical professional aspects. Our community pharmacies need to be standardized with the support of accreditation process.

Pharmacy Act 1948 and Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 as the rules framed are seven decade old so need to be update.
Under pharmacy Act 1948 sec 42 only registered pharmacists must dispense the drugs.

Inspection process should not permit for un- ethical practices.
Surprise inspections have to be arranged by the Universities, State Pharmacy Clinical Councils and State Governments.

The current Pharm.D specific Regulations give very little focus for employability of the graduates coming out of the Universities and schools/colleges of Pharmacy.

The Pharm.D graduates have to be specialized in disciplines like Nephrology and Urology, Psychiatry, Neurology, Oncology, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Endocrinology/ Diabetology etc.

Government must need to communicate with regulatory bodies like MCI, NABH & MOH regarding job opportunities for Pharm.D graduates in Indian Hospitals.

Students have to pay fees only for PharmD 1st year to Pharm.D 5th year and given stipend during the 6th year (internship) of the course.

Government should develop research fellowship schemes for pharmacy practice students.

Government must include pharmacy as a branch of subject in CSIR examination.

Government must recruit PharmD graduates as clinical pharmacist, physician assistant, drug information specialist and patient counselor posts in all primary, secondary and tertiary care hospitals according to the bed size.


Unless the above measures are taken, the practices like introduction of new courses would go in vain.


We, PharmDs, are not being hired at hospitals. Hundreds of PharmDs are now unemployed. We are ready to make the Indian medical services more efficient. We have so much to offer and are ready to serve. But we need your help now. We, the PharmD Doctors Welfare Association (Telangana) and Association for Doctor of Pharmacy (Andhra Pradesh) demanding government to do justice to our qualification & we, hereby, demand both governments to create clinical pharmacist cadre & Drug information specialist cadre to every Government hospital, area hospital, district hospital and primary health care centre.

This is a matter vital to both public health and the increasing number of qualified professionals being led to unemployment. Please support us.


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