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Petitioning The Prime Minister of India & The Chief Justice of India, New Delhi

Make Rape a Crime Punishable with Life Imprisonment


Every day we hear of rape cases. Victims are sometimes as young as few months age. Rape accused normally go free on bail or after a maximum of 7 years of imprisonment. But the victim has to bear the trauma life-long! This is highly unjustified. Why is the law so lenient with such criminals? It’s the worst crime as it doesn't arise of need but by choice. Thief can for once be forgiven for he might be in a need.
We appeal the Prime Minister of India and the Honorable Chief Justice of India to kindly take this seriously and set-up Fast Track Courts for dealing with Rape cases and also make Rape a non-bailable crime punishable with Life Imprisonment.
This will send a strong message to the criminals and will act as a deterrent.
Request all women and concerned men to come forward and support this movement and force your local representatives to take it up in the Parliament.

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  • The Prime Minister of India & The Chief Justice of India, New Delhi

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