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Dear Friends,

Our Great democracy is based on a theory that it is " By the people, For the people and of the people".
But in India, it looks like democracy means, "By the Government, for the Government and Of the Government".

Indian Government led by  Congress is pushing a unwanted curse called “Nuclear Power Plant” on the people of Koodankulam, in South Indian State of Tamil nadu, irrespective of the vehement protest by the people of that area.

In this protest the people of Koodankulam and surrounding villages are being led by, one Dr. Udaykumar, who runs a NGO for the welfare of these deprived people.

Unlike other part of the world, here these people are fighting not only against the Government policies, and its brutal paramilitary forces, but also against the biased corrupted press and the more corrupt local politicians. This makes the situation much more worse than anything else.

Apart from some small regional political parties, the major local political parties were either pressured (because of their past mis-deeds!) or bought over by the current Central Government.

Usually, under such situations, people go to press with their case. But here the press is also so polarised and poisoned. They were also either pressured or bought over by the local / Central Government. When a society is so deeply corrupted like India, then it is no wonder that the part of press is also fallen victim to this malice in a big way.

This fight between the Koodankulam David and Congress Goliath is now nearing a crucial stage.

Now every dirty trick in the book is being used in this covert war against the people is being used to tame this people.
Government controlled media blaring the false news about the protest and the protesters day and night, led by a minister who has very little knowledge about the Nuclear safety and the allied issues.

Various “Experts” come out in support of the Plant Safety by press release statement, but they refuse to be interviewed in public.

Political “Pandits” politicians appear on various TVs to degrade the protest by demonising the protesters and its leaders by throwing up wild accusations against them. They refuse to substantiate their accusations with any proof. This includes an accusation by Hon. PM. Dr. Manmohan Singh, who accused the “foreign hand” and “Foreign Fund” which is helping the agitators in this protest. When confronted with a legal notice to prove his claim, he went silent and refuse clarify or substantiate his claim.

False cases are being foisted against the protesters and its leaders by the Central and State Governments.
Police and para-military forces have unleashed terror among the local people and people are being driven out of their home and their properties are being ransacked in the name of searching the suspects. Their daily life is seriously disturbed and they are threatened with arrest. Essential services to the protesting villages have been cut off repeatedly, in spite of the Court ruling, while at the same time, this fact being denied by the government in the court room and in the press.

In spite of all these chaos koodankulam people are unwavering and refuse to cow down.
Good sense does prevail on part of the print and visual media which continue to publish the views of the protesters and the plight of the people.

Many local Nuclear Scientists who are  no longer working for the government are coming out in support of the protesters.
One Example is the former Director of Safety in Indian Atomic Energy Commission, who is a keralite, coming strongly against this plant in a debate in NDTV recently and repeating his stand of protest since 1998.

Now the people from other parts of Tamilnadu and elsewhere  woken up from their deep slumber and started asking questions.

1. After “Chernobyl” and recently “Fukushima” accidents, when every government around world rethinking their nuclear energy option, why India is refusing to have a rethink on this?

2. Why Government is refusing divulge the contents of the Agreement between Indian Government and the Russian Government, which is selling the plant.?

3. Why the Russians went back on their previous offer of taking back the Nuclear Waste from the Plant?

4. Why the Liability Clause of the agreement, which expects Russian Company, which sells the nuclear equipment, taking responsibility for the safety of its equipment and in case some thing happened then to provide compensation for the victims, has suddenly removed or agreed to be withdrawn?

5. Above all why this Government is bent upon thrusting this unsafe and unwanted power plant on the people of Tamilnadu, where as the neighbouring State Kerala (Rules by their own party – Congress) successfully refused to have?

6. Why this Government is determined to remove some 300,000 people from their native land where they have lived for generations.?

7. What will happen to this families which will be displaced for ever and who will guarantee their rehabilitations,? Given the track record of this Government in the famous BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY, this is most unlikely.

8. When most industrialised and developed nations like GERMANY and JAPAN are themselves could not guarantee the safety of such nuclear plants and have agreed to scale down and close their plants, why this Government is blindingly taking the country and its people into this dangerous path.?


Dear friends, Here are some of the fears of the PEOPLE OF KOODANKULAM.

If anything happens in this Plant:
1. 300 000 people in 30 villages around the plant will perish.
2. Almost 1 million people who are living in 100km radius will be permanently exposed to the dangerous radio active rays.
3. Apart from this immediate calamity, the effects of radio active rays among the populations will live on for generations to come.
4. Untold miseries like genetic mutations will affect those populations for generations to come.
The results of the accident in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which had similar type of nuclear plant is there to see. The cost of that accident is till being assessed, even after 26 years.!! Please google it know more.

Will anyone accept similar plant among their town and cities ? NO.

So, the Koodankulam people are right in rejecting this plant among their villages.
Their protest voice is being strangulated locally but TRUTH will prevail.

NOW it is the time for us to join our brothers’ and sisters’ call for stopping this monster among them.

We should raise our collective voice in the international level, so that it is heard in the corridor of the Delhi and make them understand the plight of these people of Koodankulam.

Hence I urge you to sign this ONLINE PROTEST CAMPAIGN


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