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Security,Support and Protection for Tax Payers of India

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Most Honorable President of India, Prime Minister of India.

I am an IT Employee working in Bangalore, a absolute middle class family person for each penny i earn i pay 30 tax and surcharges approx 2 to 3%, altogether 33% for what i earn.

I am a hard worker working atleast 16 hrs to each money and in a private sector.  from the money i earn if i buy any thing further i pay taxes, effectively more than 50% of my earning goes as taxes, and remaining i am left with with my loans, kids education and hospitalization.

School fees are approx 10 to 20% of my salary for 1 kid with 2 its double. 

Home loan, Hospitalization etc end me as a beggar at the begging of the month itself.

Honestly i dont mind paying taxes, but really what is the use of paying tax?

Do we get good roads?

Are there any Govt schools where i can send my kids for education on a cheaper rates?

Are there any Govt Hospitals for us to get better treatment.

If we go to legal or police without out paying money noting will happen.

Forget All if we loose job who will take care of us? after paying so much tax.

What we see

MLA/MP and Bureaucrats getting 100% hike every year, with every sort of facilities and no taxation.

What is this? At least could have some support/protection for the tax payer, Its true that 30 category even many big guys comes, but in cities like Bangalore where Govt provides absolutely noting to the citizen have some slabs. The Tax Payers have all rights to demand for Rights.

* Provide us Govt School or controll Private Schools from over charging and Fees.

* Provide us Govt Hospitals or Control Private Hospitals from Over killing charges.

* Provide us better roads or stop taking tax for the road.

* Provide us support if we pay 30% tax and we loose jobs due to on going global crisis, provide us support to start our own concerns as we have payed tax and now victims.

* Provide us Social Security.

* Stop giving 100% hike to Ministers/MP/MLA and Bureaucrats.  Dispite providing all facilities with tax payer. 


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