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Save R Lungs

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The Shri Ram School started this petition to The Prime Minister of India

Dear Prime Minister,

Air pollution is one of the largest killers in Delhi and NCR today and we the children are most vulnerable. At least one person is dying prematurely every hour due to air pollution related diseases in the Capital. Because the lungs of children are still developing, we are more vulnerable to the impact of toxic air. Official studies have shown that every third child has impaired lungs that can lead to serious respiratory problems as we grow up. Air pollution is not only harming our health but our elders too. On severely polluted days we cannot play or do heavy exercise. 

Although we are too small to take action to protect us, we have understood the severity of this public health risk. Little steps that citizens take including car pooling, planting of trees, throwing garbage in the bins and getting timely pollution checks of vehicles can contribute towards the solution. But this is not enough to make a difference to our health and environment. We need your support and help to get big solutions implemented that can make a difference to the quality of our air. 

As children we have taken initiatives to say no to crackers and plastics, or junk food among others. But we do not see enough action outside to clean up the air.

We want to breathe free and not cough, wheeze or suffocate. As concerned citizens we want to appeal to you for urgent action to protect us:

1) Reduce the traffic volume to cut crippling congestion

2) Make roads safe for us to walk and cycle

3) Build efficient and accessible public transport

4) Free-up our pavements, playgrounds and reduce traffic pressure on our colony roads for us to lead an active life

5) Be really tough and take stringent action on industrial units and power plants who violate pollution norms and individuals and institutions who burn trash

6) Allow only very clean vehicles to ply in Delhi-NCR

7) Check our respiratory health regularly and take action to protect us

8)A ban should be imposed on Fire crackers burnt during Diwali

9) Make air pollution control part of Swachha Bharat Abhiyan

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This petition had 4,665 supporters

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