NEP misses out PTA. Why?

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Parents Teachers Associations (PTA) should be allowed to Govern Schools & Colleges

Many learned men and women had commented on the NEP. But nobody had pointed out what the NEP had missed miserably. It is the cooperative society (or PSU) called the Parents Teachers Union (PTA) which is indeed the future of education for many more centuries to come. 

There are several thousands of schools & colleges owned and governed by private education trust/ societies. Most of these trusts/ societies are family run and are comprising politically affluent individuals who could twist the government offices in their favour. Students are plundered with plenty of fees apart from the government prescribed. Fees without any receipts are very common, which could clearly indicate the money they earn is black money. On the other hand there are less number of teachers than required as per norms. Even the teachers recruited lack proper salaries. They are barely paid one fourt of the salary shown in accounts and IT statements of the schools/ colleges. In this way there is huge generation of black money by the private trusts/ societies. 

Just imagine if one school or college earn one crore rupees a year as black, than a total of one lakhs private schools & colleges all over the nation will earn about one lakhs crore rupees as black money. This money is used by the politicians in election canvass. 

To eliminate this huge black money raquet and to ensure the betterment of education it is essential to give the control of schools & colleges to the public via 'Parents Teachers Association (PTA)'. In this model the properties of a school or college will be divided in to 70% and 30%. 70% of the shareswill be equally distribued among the teachers. 30%of the shares will be equally distributed among the parents of the children/ students. Thereby the private school now, became a public shool. The monitoring will be robust, and the outcomes will be excellent. Teachers will get their salaries uninterrupted and students fees will be nominal. There is also a possibility that the students fee would decrease in this model, since the profit dreaming private family owned management is out of this administration.

If the government is keen to implement the motto of 'education for all' and liberalise the system this PTA is the best option. The NEP misses out this option and it is aiming the corporates to control the education system, which is an utter blunder. 

Please render your support to PTA. Until PTA is allowed to govern schools and colleges the NEP is of no use for the general public of this nation.

Oppose NEP!

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Founder of AIPCEU Teachers Union