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Let The Fearlessness Prevail: Make Rape Free India

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Dear Prime Minister Sir,

As our President of India says ‘each citizen a nation builder’, me the citizen of India, provide herewith the strategy (on behalf of approx. 50% of population of India) to build safe nation. I call your attention on agenda: RAPE FREE INDIA.

I request you to advance the agenda ‘Make Rape Free India’ by providing independence to women of India, atleast after – ‘70 years of announced democracy’. India has been a land of ‘Ardhanarishwar’ in ancient times but status of women degraded over time where they are treated as sub-humans.

You are the highest office in India and your office along with post holders in judiciary system and cabinet can ‘Make Rape Free India’ by announcing ‘Capital Punishment for Rapist’ i.e. public hanging of rapists (including culprits, so called minor) after judgment in fast-track courts.

Modi Sir, we know if our current Government in Centre and UP will not be able to introduce and implement the rule 'public hanging of rapists', then no other Government atleast in next 20 years will be able to implement this action and you know well that in next 20 years there will not be females left enough to advance the country’s culture and ethics (Eg. Haryana).

Many countries including Middle East countries practice capital punishment to maintain public discipline and law & order situation.

In India, general public think that:- in politics, many such people exist and that’s the reasons behind ‘no implementation of capital punishment for rapists in India’. Sir, keeping aside the case of some BJP leaders and their sons who lost their morals, I am sure that only a clean & corruption free Government can take this brave decision and action to implement the rule ‘public hanging for rapists’ to ‘make rape free India’. This rule will automatically 'clean in-numerous minds & brains’ who attempt crime without fear of law & order in different states in India. Such an assurance by your Government will certainly win the confidence of atleast 50% of India that is women, as you champion their cause.

On this 15 Aug 2017, Let the fearless atmosphere prevail - Make Rape Free India. Women of India demand :

1. Judiciary system of India to conduct hearing of 'rape cases' in 'Special fast track courts' and pass the judgement in maximum 5 hearings within 3 months. Its important to prevent 'play with evidences' and victim from trauma and mental pain.

2. Women demand from PM of India and Judiciary system of India to announce the punishment 'Hang Rapist in Public'. It is important to implement proper Law & Order in India and prevent such heinous crime to take a toll on the life of women and girls in India. 

3. Women of India demand from PM, Home Minister and Women & Child Welfare Minister and Judiciary system of India to provide safe and healthy atmosphere for girl child and women to grow in India. At present women of India is unsafe and fearful. Announcement and implementation of regulation on 'Hang Rapist in Public' will provide confidence among women in India that the current strong Government will provide us the safe country to live in.

Sincerely yours,

The Women of India

CC: Shri Rajnath Singh, Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs, GoI
Mrs Maneka Gandhi, Ministry of Women & Child Development, GoI

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