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Introduce limit of 2 biological children per individual in India

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Dear Sir (s)

I believe most problems that we see in India are related to the uncontrolled population growth in India and I believe the day is not far enough that this situation might lead to a kind of civil unrest that we have not seen anywhere in the past. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people with limited means to provide for their children and thus are relying more and more on Government support. The Government support is directly related to the tax revenues that the Government can generate and that is a function of number of tax payers in the country. With limited avenues for income generation and employment, there is bound to be a huge stress on the Government's support abilities. Hence, the Government needs to devise innovative ways to ensure population checks. In addition, and a very important thing to understand is that this unchecked population particularly puts a lot of stress on the Women and Children of the society such as mal-nutrition, child labour, disregard for the importance of children etc.

The STICK approach of forced vasectomy led to major social unrest in the past, hence may not be a very feasible way of checking population growth. A better way would be to adopt a CARROT approach. I humbly request that the Government use its support as a CARROT to induce people to accept population control - MAKE TWO BIOLOGICAL CHILDREN A PRE-REQUISITE FOR AVAILING GOVERNMENT BENEFITS. For example:

1) Government jobs only for those who have only one sibling

2) Reservation preference for those with one sibling

3) Free education till graduation for those who are the only child of their parents

4) Deny election of people to Constitutional and local bodies post who have more than one children

5) People who have only two children get rebate on Income taxes

6) People who have only two children get loans on reduced rates

7) STICK: Any Government servant can loose their jobs if they have more than 2 biological children

I am sure the list can go on. This norm can go a long way in curbing a lot of ills in our society and I hope that you would view this petition seriously for the long term future of our country.


Manish Garg




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