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Indian Education Needs to be Changed .

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Indian Education system need to be changed.

Respected , 

The Indian education system need to be changed & Indian system have to change that right now. I want to ask to all of you that please tell me one thing that we know that the from class 6 to 10  history is taught to us . In that history we almost learn about the history of other country's but we don't have full India history as our syllabus in history subject. We learn in 9 th class about French Revolution which is a very important topic in 9th class but we don't learn about any Indian History  as important topic less than 40% of Indian History has been taught us from class 6 to 9 still it is going in same way. & It's need to be changed today's generation does know anything about our India . Indian history should be the important topic in the Syllabus.

Second one but the most thing I want that it should be change in Indian  education system that ;:-

You know one thing?

I'm good in Computer science stuff but heck it! Chemistry & Physics is far difficult to me. Mr Modi, Can you pls tell me that how this chemistry thing is going to help me in Computer science ? Please! Every student like colleges like  IIT-JEE, NIT,IIIT etc.. What a good college? Mr. Modi kindly explain this!  Why  I need to study those topics which will not help in my future? Because of this many students fail to achieve what they want to achieve. Many students leave their passion in which they are good because of this education system. 

One day I was listening your Speech when you came from Japan & Told us the Education system of Japan by your Speech it was seemming like that you were really fond of that education system . Then why didn't you work on that & try to establish that in India .


Please answer me Mr. Modi Please I beg to you... 

I Request you to please take some  steps Towards changing our  Indian education system.

Thank you

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