Dada Vaswani for Bharat Ratna!

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Dada J.P. Vaswani, a non-sectarian spiritual leader, philiosopher and a world revered modern-day saint has, for 99 years of his life, strived and continues to strive for the betterment of humanity while relentlessly passing on the message of kindness, compassion, forgiveness and non-violence.

As the present Spiritual Head at the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Dada Vaswani, has taken up several causes, ranging from educational institutes, medical institutes to community services. Each year, several students are sponsored with financial aid by the Mission, several patients are provided with free and/or concessional treatment and several needy, destitute and deprived are provided with food, clothing and shelter; all if this is accomplished under the adept leadership and supervision of Dada Vaswani.

Known as the messiah of ahimsa, Dada Vaswani, has on every global platform been the voice of the voiceless and has been the forerunner in launching 25th of November as the Meatless Day, now celebrated worldwide as The International Meatless Day. Even today, at the age of 99, he joins the yearly peace march and the rath yatra for standing up for the cause of animal rights and non-violence.

He has also been the precursor for initiating the Moment of Calm, a Global Forgiveness Moment that promotes the idea of forgiving one and all by observing a 2 minutes silence on the 2nd of August, each year.

Likewise, Dada Vaswani has solely authored over 150 books that have been translated into 17 world-languages! His books have enlightened many a souls and given a spiritual and positive directions to all the seekers of truth.

He has been conferred with several awards on global platforms, but his relentless efforts are yet to be recognized by the Government of India. It is time, the Government rises up to the occasion of his centenary birthday and confers him with the highest civilian award- The Bharat Ratna.