Create 'Humanity' caste & allow everyone to migrate to it

Create 'Humanity' caste & allow everyone to migrate to it

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    There is a need for casteless society in India. But is that possible? The idea of caste is deeply ingrained into our system.

     It's not that easy to remove caste entirely, because there will be debates on it for several years but nothing will be changed. Some politicians do not want it to happen at all.

     Many Indians do not like the concept of caste at all. They like their culture but do not want to associate it with caste names. Caste does nothing but divide people.

     Even if we do not want to associate our cultures with caste names, it is impossible to do so. Because we need to mention our caste in certificates, application forms and even in schools. Isn't it ridiculous?

    Hence, if we create one caste and allow everyone to migrate to it, people who want to see casteless India will migrate to it. Then lot of people belongs to one caste - 'Humanity' (or any other name that represents equality). Many more people may become influenced by this positive thing and will join the movement. And this new caste should be at the top of all castes in all application forms to attract huge number of people.

    If this succeeds, there will be no clashes, abuses and murders in the name of caste. There will only be one caste in India, that is - "Humanity".