Change The System Of Education In India

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Education in India starts starts when a child goes to a kindergarten followed by various subsequent stages. A child does rigorous hardwork since the first grade till the twelfth. But can really a single exam determine the future of the students who had been putting a lot of efforts since over a decade, studying and willing to do something?

It's not about comparing countries but still, if we look at the education system of the countries around the globe, we find that children there are not under pressure to the extend we are here, in india. 

I am not expecting entire flip in this system immediately but at least the ministers who are responsible for all this should be brought under action. Look at the condition of CBSE. It claims to be the biggest board but in the end it did nothing but toyed with the future of 2.8 Million students across the country. 

We all know how much boards matter in our lives. How the future of all the students depends upon one single examination but the system here, is unable to protect the question papers, so what can we expect? Papers are leaking. Isn't this unfair to the 99℅ of the students who are really honest and hardworking? 

I want some suggestions to be taken under consideration.

1. The continuation of the system of boards must be reconsidered. (Well we know, the education system here is unable to handle it itself)

2. Just try to look at the syllabus allotted to the students. Half of the students are not even willing to study Social Studies or Maths for that matter till tenth grade where the volume of the syllabus becomes extremely high and we are expected to learn entire books to score good at boards.

3. The quality of knowledge imparted should be improved. We have  five main subjects till 10th out of which most of them we have to study by force. Most of the teachings are theoretical and not practical. We know everything that happens, all the facts, but we don't get to know the reasons behind it. Just look at the sudden change in the level of mathematics from 10th to eleventh. Moreover we are taught about discarding caste system but why are we taught about it in our books in detail, at first place?

I just want the government to consider these and for that matter, i require the support of my fellow Indians to sign this petition.

Maybe just considering them would give answers to the question that why almost half of the Indian talent is in foreign countries today rather than working for our own country.


Thank you.