Black Money recovered from the great Demonetisation move should be spent on SDGs, and . .

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Honourable Prime Minister, 


We, the citizens of India, stand up with you at this defining moment to create a better India. We congratulate you on the great "financial surgical strike" -- demonetising the old 500- and 1000-rupee currency notes -- to clean up our economy of the huge toxic elements (black money, terror-financing, counterfeiting....). Common Indians stand up in solidarity with you and patiently stand in queue for hours, as they see a new and a bright future that awaits India, and your hard struggle to realise their dreams. They know that the birth pangs are painful, but they are sure the child will be born, and the child will be a healthy, happy, and beautiful child. Therefore we have a historic opportunity to recreate India, a different India, a clean India, and an India that shows the way out of the crises the whole world is going through. 

High denomination currency demonetisation is but a means, a means to achieve some desired goals. We are sure this move will recover a substantial amount (if not all) of the "toxic" money into our economy. This money which was stolen from the common man, from nature, and from the future, should be spent on the common man, and to create a better, more developed India where the common man matters.

This obviously means a very carefully crafted strategy for the investment of this "new money" which will now surface through this great initiative. And it has to be a robust "Social Investment" strategy crafted around: 

1. The Sustainable Development Goals (This will be a very strong answer to the problem of "Financing for Development" to realise the SDGs, where India needs to reach the rank of the best 10 countries in the world, which We hope is possible under your leadership).

2. Spending on Climate change, Green energy, Organic agriculture, Climate adaptability, meeting the Paris Declaration commitments.

3. Strengthening micro and small enterprises, rural artisans, small agriculture, women entrepreneurs to create more employment opportunities at the base of the economy and to make Growth more inclusive. Financial Inclusion and the move to a cashless economy require careful navigation with intensive programmes around banking literacy, economic literacy, going beyond financial literacy, so as to enhance the adaptability of the people to the complex banking and financial systems and protect them from fraudsters duping them.

4. This, being an answer to the problem of growing terror-financing, the "new money" generated through the move should also be spent to further strengthen national security.

We know that you have many more ideas, creative and progressive, as you are and brilliant in your approach to making India great again. But, we humbly submit these above points for your kind consideration.

With all our best wishes, and warm regard,

Anup Dash

GA-33, Defence Colony

Niladri Vihar

Bhubaneswar - 751 021



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