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LIQUOR & TOBACCO consumption over the years have successfully ruined the health, finances and family life of several Indians. These habits destroy the values of a society and pose serious threats to all passive and non-consumers as well. The Liquor Barons and Tobacco Bizzmen make a fortune out of these, whereas the consumers end up in a hospital, battling their lives, or at home battling their wives, and wasting a lot of their hard-earned money in buying these. Some families in the low income group starve while the earning member indulges in such habits. Several consumers end up getting Cancer which demolishes the entire family. Several deaths with consumption of illicit liquor are reported every year. Numerous drunk & drive cases causing fatalities to many are registered almost everyday. Domestic violence following liquor consumption is one of the commonest occurrence.  It is high time that these menaces are eradicated from the society. The promoters of these should be penalized with setting up an alternative industry to do good to people's health and employ all their employees in such establishments. The large number of crimes committed following alcohol consumption can be minimized to a very large extent or even possibly eliminated. Like any other change, this will also face resistance and reaction, but, there has to be a start some day to eliminate these social evils to safeguard complete well-being of people of this country.  Let us all work towards making this change happen.

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