“Purposeful Life & Comprehensive Euthanasia Bill”.

“Purposeful Life & Comprehensive Euthanasia Bill”.

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Respected Sir & Madam,

Let people live a rewarding life and die like Humans – Make in to Law

“Purposeful Life & Comprehensive Euthanasia Bill”.

Ø  The purpose of life is a life of purpose.  -  Robert Byrne.

Ø  I am a Human and will like to Live and Die like a Human.

Ø  Question – “What is the meaning of Life?”  is a wrong question. There is a subtle assumption –there is a preordained ultimate purpose or an ultimate design out there somewhere. From the Buddhist perspective, the correct question is “How can I bring meaning into my life?” or  “How can I live every moment deeply and beautifully?” The intention is to live deeply and to be of benefit to self and others (i.e. Society),

Brother Phap HAI.

1. It is time that all of us recognize that a Human being is Master / Owner of Her / His life and body while living & after death. Those few who need help and guidance to live a Good and Purposeful life, need to be extended that help by Society and those who are matured and want to end it should be facilitated to end it smoothly with Dignity and without pain. This needs to be done with safeguards against misuse as Life is precious and irreplaceable. All this has been included in the Bill.

2. The landmark Hon. Supreme Court’s Judgment about Euthanasia for Terminally ill persons, while a small step in right direction,  - a) indirectly condemns everyone to go on living  till they become terminally ill. It makes the process dependent on over worked Judiciary and leaves the decisions to physicians rather than the Person. The complete procedure is cumbersome & costly, does not facilitate tranquil death at home and it does not enable Organ Donation.  b) Sadly to implement  even this limited judgment, no administrative orders have been issued by Central & State Governments and bodies of Physicians & Lawyers even after 1 year.

3. Please Please do not condemn Citizens of this great country to go on living till they become terminally ill, meet with accident  or become a burden on living near & dear ones. Let us facilitate purposeful /meaning full life of dignity to all Matured Persons and permit to end it with dignity by Senior Citizens. Let us also, by enabling Live and Cardiac failure / Brain death patients to donate organs, give a helping hand to those who want to live !

4. The Bill –

 a) Accepts a person’s right over her / his life and complete body (while living &        also after death).

b) Affirms & aims to facilitate purposeful & meaning full life to by all Mature persons (i.e. persons of 45 years of age & more).

c) Provides for way to end life by Senior Persons (i.e. age 65 years and more).

d) Provides for Physician assisted painless death with Organ donations.

e) Adequate safety precautions have been built in  to prevent misuse.

5. The Draft Bill has already been sent to you Hon. PM & CM as well as all Law makers in Lok sabha & Rajya sabha and Vidhan sabha & Vidhan parishad (of Maharashtra by Sajag Nagrik Manch (an NGO in Pune).

6. Please rise above political affiliations and misunderstood concepts in some religions and make the Bill in to a Law as early as possible.

7. Full draft of Bill, analysis of SC judgment, Ethical issues and FAQs and replies, everything related to Euthanasia (and much more) is available on website. All these can be examined by you, your staff and legislatures when ever convenient.

Web site   - http://www.Bharat - euthanasia.in

8. A great and thought leader nation like Bharat, with civilization going back to thousands of years, should show the world how Life & Death (जन्म और म्रुत्यु) are to be dealt in an enlightened way!

For  Shri. Narendra Modiji and  Shri. Devendra Phadnavisji – all of us who sign the petition request you introduce this Bill in legislatures as soon as possible and make it into a Law.

Thanking you,

Citizens of Bharat.

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!