�Sherman Whitford deserves Life without Parole�for Murder of 16 mth old Baby Girl, VRP�

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I care that Murderer, sherman whitford, receive life for the Murder of my Dear Grandbaby Daughter, Veronica Rose Poitras, at the tender age of 16 months. sherman needs to remain behind bars for life, as he has no respect for life. He has clearly shown his disrespect by taking the life of an innocent, defenseless baby girl, whom was left in his care to protect and honor, entrusted by the Mother, and to no knowledge of this arrangement by the Father. sherman "snapped" and committed the most horrific crime a human can commit on another human.

This sentence of life will ensure that sherman is no where near any children. 

This sentence of life will give my family and other families and victims the freedom to feel safe knowing that sherman is locked up.

This life sentence will make a point to society that murdering an innocent, defenseless baby is not to be taken lightly;  that we, as a caring, and compassionate society value our most valuable resource, our babies. 

This life sentence will abide by the spiritual teachings that state "an eye for an eye"; "a life for a life"; "you reap what you sow"; "you get what you give"; "what you put out there comes back to you."

This life sentence will help set a precedent in motion to get the Canadian Government to look at and make motions to change how Murder is perceived and dealt with by the Courts.

MURDER OF A BABY SHOULD BE THE HIGHEST PENALTY OF LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE, that is, until, if/when the penalty changes to a death penalty in the future, of which I heard the general public "cry outloud" is what sherman and many like him deserve and no less.


Thank you�