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Petitioning Prime Minister of Canada Right Hon. Stephen Harper and 2 others

The Prime Minister of Canada: Implement Proportional Representation in Parliament for True Democracy.

The government only truly represents the citizens of our country, when the House of Commons is comprised of MP's in the same percentage as the votes cast for each of the political parties. We must eliminate our FPTP system of unfair vote counting, that can dismiss millions of Canadian voters opinions, and not even give them 1 MP that represents their values.

Letter to
Prime Minister of Canada Right Hon. Stephen Harper
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
You made it clear in your written paper "My benign dictatorship" that Canada's First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system has a winner-take-all result, that is dismissive of the views, opinions and desires of large portions of society. You wrote this paper before you were elected to be Prime Minister. When you were re-elected in 2011 with a majority government, you promised that you would represent all Canadians, including those that did not vote for you. We ask that you honour your beliefs and the trust we put in you, by delivering to Canadians that very Proportional Representation in government you agreed we needed for true democracy. When all political parties are represented in Parliament in the proportion of the support voters cast for them, all views can be represented. Only with government comprised of MP's that truly represent the cross-section of Canadians values, can it make decisions that respects all of Canadians values. Many studies and commissions have been done in Canada in the past, all recommending Proportional Representation in the form of the Mixed Member Proportional system.

You have a majority government that is able to Implement Proportional Representation in the form of MMP in Parliament for True Democracy, and we call upon you to display the moral fortitude to do so.

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