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Heather Cole
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Fellow Barbadians, please join the members of the Barbados Lobby in seeking investigations into the below.

On September 26th, 2019, there was an editorial in the Barbados Today’s online newspaper under the caption “What has become of Stephen Archer’s money?”  The contents of the editorial generated much public discussion and shares on social media.  According to the editorial Stephen Archer was a young man who as a result of an accident became paralyzed and never obtained the funds that he was awarded from his lawyer.  To make the situation worst, the editorial concluded that he died a pauper.  The lawyer was not named.

To our knowledge, the newspaper has not informed the public that the contents of the editorial were not true and were being retracted.  The public has been left with this very question for which no answers have been forthcoming.  Everyone wants to know what has become of Stephen Archer’s money.

For too long we have become tone deaf to the constant allegations of theft of land and stolen funds by lawyers.  Complaints to the Bar Association are rarely acknowledged furthermore addressed.  Very few of these cases have been resolved in the court of law and the punishment of lawyers appear to be almost non-existent.  It has reached the stage where all are saying “enough is enough” as the time has come for the people of Barbados to stop “turning a blind eye to humanity.” Stephen Archer also had human rights which were violated.

This is a grave matter concerning corruption and the erosion of the public confidence in lawyers and the legal system in Barbados.  The people of Barbados are outraged and seeking answers that are the truth.  The life, pain and suffering of Stephen Archer, a vulnerable citizen of Barbados must not have been in vain.

The integrity of the legal system is now being openly challenged. We are therefore seeking:

1                    An urgent investigation into this matter by the Bar Association of Barbados and;

2                   An urgent investigation by Government not only to find out what has become of Stephen Archer’s money but also to set up a process that is transparent, accessible to all and fair  by which the many aggrieved Barbadians both at home and in the diaspora can finally have similar cases resolved.