Make the ABC accountable: All we need is a tick box

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Media experts agree that changing the ABC from within is virtually impossible. The bias and unbalanced programming produced by the national broadcaster is now thoroughly entrenched. The ABC, with its TV and radio channels and internet presence is the biggest media organization in the land by a country mile, and it is a law unto itself. Board members have tried to change it. Politicians have tried. Media analysts have tried. But the bias in the ABC is only getting worse, and more anti-Australian by the day. Australian taxpayers are paying $1 billion a year for a media organization, which continually adopts anti-Australian stances. Australia Day, Anzac Day, our Christian heritage, national security, the national economy are under constant attack from programming that only exist thanks to the national tax collection of the nation. The ABC collecting from people, the majority of whom they seem to hate. This bias was confirmed in a 2013 study which found 40% of ABC journalists voted Green (while the Greens only garner around 10% of the national vote). Only 13% admitted to being “right of centre”. There is not one host of a program throughout the organization who could be termed a “conservative”. Recent news reveals that the left-wing bias is eating into rating figures. Some programs are hitting all time audience lows, but of course, if $1 billion a year keeps flowing into the organization regardless, there is little appetite to change to attract a bigger audience."

What is the solution? It is debatable whether selling the ABC is viable and will change the organization and such a decision is virtually politically impossible. However, by giving the power to taxpayers the ABC will be confronted with a “change or die” scenario. Our proposal is to introduce an opt-in box in personal tax returns. If a taxpayer wants to contribute to the ABC, they simply tick a box. If they don’t want to contribute – don’t. The levy will be calculated by dividing projected taxpayers by the ABC’s full budget. This would currently stand at around $87 per person. Through this initiative, suddenly all Australians matter, not just those of socialist, globalist leanings.